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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Jeice Flash Attack

Frieza Saga


Reviewed December 18, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


(pojo note: check out Jesse's work in Scrye ;-)
Ok ok so JayManFu yells at me to do another COTD so I say why not.  After Tim Batow's (Poketim anybody?) eye gauging and somewhat huge "review", or shall we say article, on one single card, I was afraid to do another review.  But I'm back, and so are my Words of Wisdom.  Jeice's Flash Attack is the card that is up today.  Who uses this card?  Nobody uses it.  It is actually a decent card.  But who uses it?  No one.  Here in lies the problem with this card.  No one used Straining Energy Move until Brian Blanchard played it at US Nationals 2K1.  Then everyone started using it.  Now it's errata'd and is quite worthless.  So someone make a deck using cards like this (Jeice's Flash Attack, Tien's Power Burst, etc.) that will win Worlds 2K3 and then I'll give it a higher rating.  Until then, gimme defense!  2/5 both formats.
Jeices Flash attack - Frieza Saga

Hmm. An interesting card from the frieza saga. Its an energy attack and if its successful it stops all opponents from making energy attacks for the remainder of combat. Seems like a great card. Being able to stop them from making energy attacks is pretty nice but its only for one combat. Plus its gotta be successful and unless you start combat with a staredown or confrontation you wont have many chances to land this attack. If you want the best energy defense you have the omni blocks, and of course Android 20s absorbing drill.

Rating 2.9
JayManFu Jeice Flash Attack- This card is a very unused card.
Even though it can be used with some other cards to
really mess up your opponent. You could use this,
tien's power burst and black energy web all making it
so if they hit, your opponent cant use energy attacks.
Ive actaully seen this card use a lot in my local
tournies, and it has messed me up quite a few times.
Standard 3/5

TE- For TE, this card isnt quite as good with more
physical beats. Actually this card isnt that great at
all in TE. But you it can still do good if your
opponent is playing some energy attacks. 2.3/5
Chibi Jeice Flash Attack

This is a card that can be quite powerful, but is
almost always overlooked when building a deck. If
played right you can stop an energy deck in their
tracks. Granted it has to hit, but when it does, your
opponent will be wishing he had kept that energy

In Standard, good if you can hit with it, but it won't
do much against an Anger or DB deck.

In Tuff Enuff, basically have the decks run energy.
You could even throw it in a physical deck for some
semi-energy defense. Of course, if you're playing
Black, use Black Energy Web.
Tim Batow Jeice Flash Attack

Its okay, and a bit underrated, but the decks you would want to play it in all have better alternatives. It might be a nice card in Black or Orange where you can make it do a basic 5 life cards, but Black and Orange have cards like Black Energy Web, Orange Energy Smash, and Orange Power Beam which would all take its spot in my decks. Many players make the comparison of Jeice Flash Attack to Tiens Power Burst, two very similar cards from the Frieza Saga. However, both of their effects are slightly different. While Jeice Flash Attack stops all energy attacks from being performed, including those made from personalities, Tiens Power Burst prevents a Energy Attack card from being played, thus Power Burst can stop cards like Black Turning
Kick and Blue Arm Blast from being used as defenses. I prefer Tiens Power Burst a little more, but that’s just more of a personal preference, both Jeice Flash Attack and Tiens Power Burst are evenly matched in a beat down deck.

As of now, I wouldn’t consider playing Jeice Flash Attack in a deck, but things could always take a turn in the future. The card has potential, but no potential worth exploiting right now.

Standard - 2.2/5
Tuff Enuff - 2.5/5

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