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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Prepared Dodge

Cell Games


Reviewed December 16, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

JayManFu Prepared Dodge- This card is a very horrible card, in fact I have never even considered using it, ever! The only people that use this card are people that dont have yamcha's skillful defense and goku's super saiyan
blast, which are a lot better. This card just doesnt cut it. Standard 1/1

TE, this card is even worse, but since i cant give it a worse rating. 1/1
The only thing this card is better than is like, mother's touch and smokescreen, and it isnt much better.

Jay Farrell
Chibi Prepared Dodge

I don't see why anyone would ever play this card.  Yamcha's Skillful Defense and Goku's Super Saiyan Blast are so much better. Don't play this card.

In Standard, no. Hey, it can lower anger.

In Tuff Enuff, no, never....ever.
Tim Batow Prepared Dodge

For starting players, this is card that saves your life. Stopping any attack
with a nice anti anger add-on could be a life saver versus your Vegeta Black wielding friend. Play this with cards like Mothers Touch, Smokescreen and  Vegetas Physical Defense, and you have a defensive barrier that will drive your friend nuts. However, once you make that big move from playing with your friends to playing in tournaments, this card isn’t all that it seems.

For expert players, this card is used more as a mark on the Scrub-O-Meter. If you walk into a tournament with a set of these in your deck, be prepared to be laughed at. True, Prepared Dodge may not be as bad as Raditz Total Defense when constructing a deck, but all aged players know that there are much better options when it comes down to choosing a Duel-Block.

Prepared Dodge has more than enough problems going for it. The first thing someone will point out if they catch you running Prepared Dodge is that it’s a Combat card. Good combat cards like Confrontation and Android 18’s Staredown are the reason Trunks Energy Sphere is played, but when TES can stop a Prepared Dodge, its all the better. Three Copies of Trunks Energy Sphere are in EVERY tournament level deck. Theres no reason to leave yourself more vulnerable to a card if you can run Gokus Super Saiyan Blast(GSSB) or Yamchas Skillful Defense(YSD) that each give the same effect in Energy Combat form. The usual benefit of a card being Combat (PAHG/KC) isn’t really needed as a Time is a Warriors Tool or Super Saiyan Effect would be better in nearly all situations. Also keep in mind that Prepared Dodge is also worthless if you happen to encounter a Piccolos Fist Block, and that -1 to anger will rarely come in handy.

The introduction of Focused attacks has hurt Duel-Blocks as a whole. There really is no reason to ever run more than 2/2 of GSSB and YSD, let alone 3/3. Cards that Attack or Block such as Black Turning Kick, Blue Arm Blast, and Orange Energy Setup tend to have a monopoly over other blocks in the current environment. Plus the Introduction of cards like Pikkons Leg Catch, and the revival of Gokus Energy Absorbtion have taken away the precious slots that might have been used on duel blocks. I usually run a 1/1 Yamchas Skillful Defense/Gokus Super Saiyan Blast to counter Solar Flare and to fish out with cards like Namekians Strike or Orange Uppercut, but Ive never played Prepared Dodge in anything but draft. A nice card in a intermediate stage, but a card that was designed to be mocked in advanced play.

Standard - 2/5 (Technically not a bad card, but there has always been MUCH
better alternatives)

Tuff Enuff - 2.1/5

Back by popular demand, its DBM! Lets see, prepared dodge. This card
is huge. In fact, its so huge its annoying. Let me put it this way. John
Akey put it very simply at worlds : "Here's how you tell a good player from a bad player. Good players play cards like Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast and
Time Is A Warrior's Tool. Bad players play cards like Prepared Dodge."
This card is almost from the Saiyan Saga, and it came out in such a good
set too. If you're so paranoid about blocking, at least play Yamcha's
Skillful Defense or Goku's Super Saiyan Blast! so they can't be Trunks
Energy Sphered. If I catch you playing this against me at a tournament
prepare for a brutal thrashing of your ego.

Rating : 1.2/5


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