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Vegeta, the Puppet

World Games Promo


Reviewed December 13, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Judge Rich of AK Friday: Vegeta, the Puppet

Why does this card scream "Use me with World Games Blue Mastery!" ?. Because all your attacks that gain you anger do +3 life, if they are energy the do +4 life. Blue Energy arrow for 7 life, then remove their top 10 discards +is way beefy for a little puppet. Use him in a red anger deck and you will more than likely go first, and deal good damage at the beginning of the game. Even as an ally, the puppet prince can help you out.

Standard: 3/5
Tuff Enuff: 3/5
Chibi Vegeta, the Puppet

This Vegeta is by far the most fun to play of his
level 1s. It's also one of the best. Funny, how that
works out. (The weakest is the best, and it's not even
really Vegeta.)

Anyways, the big talk with Vegeta was using him with
the WG Blue Style Mastery and using Blue style attacks
that don't normally raise your anger. Since they all
will 'have a chance' to raise your anger with the Blue
Mastery, they'll do +3 life cards. That'd make Blue
Terror do 7 life cards.

In Standard, you could probably build a fun deck
around him. Blue Energy Anger is another possibility,
because you'd most likely get to go first.

In Tuff Enuff, if you're going to play Vegeta in a
Tuff Enuff deck, you'd better be planning on going up
to level 3. His HT Lv.3 from Cell Saga is one of the
best in the game. This card could help you do some
damage while you're getting there.
SSJP Vegeta the Puppet
The Puppet of "His Greatness" can offer some good stuff, especially with the new Blue Mastery. Especially when ya throw down Blue Energy Flight for 10 life + other modifiers. Then, you can level up to Veggie's TS 2 and 3 levels.
Standard 3.0

In TE, this card OWNS. You almost always start out at full, giving you ample time to beat down on your opponent. Then, you get up to Veggie's TS 2 and 3 levels (again) for some mondo beatage. Use some good energy attackin' allies, like Piccolo the Avenger, and Frieza the Master to blow your opponent away when he lowers you down.
Tuff Enuff 4.0



Vegeta The Puppet - PS

"I wish I were him." You know vegeta wanted to beat the crap out of that actor. ;x Anyway, This puppet isnt that good. Any cards that raise vegeta's anger make the attack do +3 life cards. Bleh. Nothing great about this card. He will probably go first all the time if you use him as a MP. geeze thats it.. I dunno what else to say.. but... please no more puppet reviews >_<

Rating 1.5

Jaymanfu Vegeta the puppet- This is actually one of the better
vegeta level 1 personalities, maybe even the best.
You can combo vegeta with playing the Blue style
mastery, then every blue energy attack can raise your
anger a level they all do the +3 life cards. Although
his stages are low he can still dish out the life
cards. I dont really think a deck would want to stay
at level 1, but if you do why not? Stamdard 3.2/5

I think vegeta gets a lot better in TE because he has
a good level 2 and 3 to go with the level 1. And since
you can just use aura clash and are you tuff enough,
you can get to his bigger levels faster. Tuff Enuff 3.6/5

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