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Krillin's Search

Android Saga Promo


Reviewed Aug 29, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

Brian Valdez
Thursday: Krillin's Search

Finally!, The DEZ...has come Heh, I bet the second coming of Dez overshadows the second coming of chri...err...I better not offend anyone...anyways, on to the card...lets see...what
the...? Krillin's Search? What is up with the Krillin cards? Bah, we go..

Krillin's Search, lets you draw another card, if the card is a named card you get to draw an extra one...bah...this card sucks. I can't even begin to
tell you how much this card sucks...if it weren't removed from the game you could loop it like you could Trunks Thinking...but you it sucks...if you smell's krillin's surprised cause this card is shhhhhhhhhhut your mouth!!! It's cards like these that makes you glad you own a champion drill...::smirks::...honestly..even champion aura is better then this card...::snickers::...well anyways...

Standard :1/5

I'm baaack.  My email has been down for awhile, but since no one cares let's review the card.  Krillin's Search is actually an okay card.  Card advantage is never bad, in any game.  Although it has "remove from the game after use" on it, three (or four) of these can be chained together (with Krillin's Thoughts, or other cards that let you look at the top cards of your life deck).  It happened to me at Worlds, and the guy had a huge hand.  All in all, it's pretty much an average card, but can be helpful in some decks.
Standard - 3/5
Tuff Enuff - 3/5
Da Krillin

This week's card picker

Thursday: Krillin's Search

Standard: This card lets you draw a card, and if the card you draw is named, u get to draw another one ^0^ yay! Great in most any deeck. Especially in Standard ;)

Rating: 4.0

TE: This isn't as good but it's still good, it lets you draw more cards (more attacks :p/blocks:p)

Rating: 3.5

AlterEgo Thursday - Krillin's Search

GAH! Can we stop with the Krillin named cards!?! :P.

Krillin's Search is an excellent card. It just lets you draw a card, and if its named, draw another one. It works well in any deck with a lof of named cards. Maybe a Master Roshi Deck that gets to level 2, with a lot of named attacks. It's really good, in the sense that you just automaticaly draw a card. Who knows, that 1 card could win you the game!

In tuff enuff, this card gains more power, because you can get another card to beatdown the opponent with.

*Score* -

2.8/5 in Standard
2.9/5 in Tuff Enuff

Rich of AK Thursday: Krillin's Search

This card is good if you want card advantage. Use Android 18 or Master Roshi to make sure you will draw 2 cards when you play this. Also it is extremely good in a Tien deck if you want to get your Tien's Flights out. Pull this out with Piccolo and Heroe's gather or Krillin's Concentration. 

Standard: 2.8/5
TE: 2.5/5

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