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DBZ CCG Card of the Day


Krillin's Thoughts

Cell Saga


Reviewed Aug 26, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
hmmm.. looks like this is gona be a week full of Krillin named cards. o.0 Oh well, time to see what that cute bald guy has. ^_^


So yeah about this card.... :-/ errr.... it's Krillin named so he can pack up to 4 in a deck.... but why I ask, why? I mean it works in Backlash decks but that's it, even then it's a strech if ya ask me. So yeah, card not that great but Krillin can use up to 4, in other words Krillin can have up to 4 of this really non-so good card in his deck. It does stick to the IP of the show at least because Krillin is not that great. ;-p *hides from DaKrilin* o.0

Rating 1.5

Tuff Enuff

hmmmm... so how about them Cowboyz? :-D Actually I really wouldn't knoe because I don't watch footbal but I just have nothing better to say and it's Monday morning so I'm too lazy to write another story so there. I'll just say this, please wish me luck because I will need it today and I gotz to run now. Buh Byezz
= )

Rating 1.3 (bur since is Krillin named then it getz a
-5) >;-] 
AlterEgo AlterEgo's COTDs for Aug 26-30

Monday - Krillin's Thoughts

Krillin's Thoughts is somewhat of a good card, but not really good enough to really be of any help. It cant be used when entering combat, so its kind of pointless to rearange your opponents cards if they already have their hand, unless you want to rearrange them for the next hand or something. I have never seen this card used in a deck, so that takes some points off of the final rating. 

This card isnt really good, unless you can use it to set up their hand according to what yours may be.  For example, if you are using Master Roshi, then you can use Krillin's Thoughts, then when entering combat,
his power. You will know what your opponent draws, so you can choose cards to go in your hand according to his.In Tuff Enuff, this card is just about the same

*Score* -
2/5 in Standard and Tuff Enuff play.


Krillin's Thoughts :

Eh. Pretty tame card. Not too strong in anything aside from backlash, and even then it just banks on the "1-in-6" block-to-card ratio. I like this card in sealed though.....but in standard games when you're not wielding backlash, its pretty silly to run this card. Just sad another cool promo (Suprise!) gets one-upped by an uncommon.

Rating : 1.8/5


DaKrillin This card is a Krillin card..yay!

This card is awesome, cuz you can decide your opponent's next hand 0_O.

It's also good in a CB deck cuz then you can make sure your opponent has no blocks in the first 5 cards 

S and TE: 3.25

Rich of AK Monday: Krillin's Thoughts

Yo everyone, its great to be back. This last week I was making a saiyan ally/energy/anger deck with drills, but now I'm gonna focus on trading and doing my COTD reviews ;).

This is one of those sleeper cards. It works well in a cosmic backlash deck. Also, take a look at the new redemption card, "Remote Control." With all the people using Android 18 dragonaball decks, this is a really good combo. Against most decks, it won't be much use, but as always, it just depends on if you know what you're doing.

Standard: 3/5
TE: 2.5/5


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