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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

No Scan today.

Champions Aura



Reviewed Aug 26, 2002


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
Today is the day, today weget the review the brand new, shinny and really cool looking Champions Aura.

^.^ Many players out there think this card is not that great but as many have already figured out this card can be the game breaker in certain decks. o.~


I believe that this format is where the card has most of it's power, I don't wana give out every secret about it but I believe it's ovious how well this card works in an Anger deck. In a pure anger deck evey card in your life deck is simply more anger you're going to gain, with this card you'll get at leats 2 more anger from two different cards and if you play it at the begining of Combat you migh even get those blocks you need. This card also helps Red Protect it's weaknes against Energy based decks because of the Endurance of 1,000,000..... isn't that like a lot of zeros? O.O

Rating 3.6

Tuff Enuff

hmm... this is where I'm not 100% sure about how well this card can work, I mean it goes well in any sort of pure beatdown deck because the worst thing you can get is 2 blocks but in decks like Saiyan not even that's a bad thing. I can also see it go well in Namekian because of the card maniplation that this style has and the Endurance doesn't hurt. Then again I can't wait til I can see or hear about a lil kid that played a Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast and took out all 3 of his opponent's Are You Tuff Enuff and his Champions Aura. >;~)

Rating 2.7

Champion's Aura -- meh... cards decent looking.. with a decent power, its only good when you have 2-3, but with only 1, its not that great.  your opponent chooses which 2 cards u get >.< hello 2 noncombats -_-.  anyway, yes its rare.. yes its exclusive.. but frankly, i wouldnt want one unless i can get 2-3 at once

Reg - 2/5
TE - 2.5/5

Friday - Champion Aura

Well, for starters let's say.... GEE WHIZ!! Who needs a million
endurance?! O_O Heh, for those of you who thought Are You Tuff Enuff??
was annoying... have fun with this one. n_~ It's a combat card which is
always nice to have, unless of course you're facing a TES nut. O_o I
know it's kinda crazy (okay, REALLY crazy ^_^) but if you could run 3 of
these in a deck that features Goku's House, you could be.... COULD be in
for a nice few rounds 'o combat. I mean, it would be better if you could
choose the 2 you get to keep, but then that would ruin the fun of using a
regen card to get those 3 discarded ones back somehow... let's count a
few ways: Dende Dragonballs - they're good for more than just powering
up. Vegeta's Quickness Drill - as long as the timing's right. >.< He's
Safe - let's you search for 2 cards to get back to your life deck. n_~ 
The list is endless. Champion Aura seems okay, but a little imagination
and you could make an awesome regen deck... or, just bring those
discarded cards right back to your hand.... Hmmm... I wonder how many
possibilities there are for a Namekian deck and Champion Aura. O_O... >_<

And then again, there's always the collector out there who would die to
get a hold of the World's Champion card. n_~

Final Rating: 3.5 outta 5 (needs a good strategist to pull off something
really good, not for the beginning player)


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