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DBZ CCG Card of the Day


Goku's Training

Android Saga


Reviewed Aug 5, 2002


Standard Rating: 2.73(based on 4 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 2.48 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
goku's training
*Reads the reviews for Where There's Life...* O.O

What's this? (O)_(O) I fly to San Diego to run a 125+ Tuff Enuff tourney and come back to see pics from back in the pokemon dayz, I'm starting to think there's a conspiracy or something like that going on. 0.o 

I knew those pics everyone was taking where gona come back to kick me in the... eerr... I mean, the hat was supposed to keep this from happening. BAH!! I'll have to get the great pojosama back for this *let's his
pets out of their cage* >;~)

What to write about this card? According to whatever's left of my mind this is a Physical +2 that if successful you get the bottom card from yer discard
pile into your hand and is remove from game after use. Then again I'm still in trying to recover so that might not even be the card and I'm way too lazy to
look it up so. ;-p  


This is a pretty blah card because there are simply better cards out there. Cell's Back Slap is a Physical that allows you to draw the bottom card w/o having to be successful so it's just better than this silly

Rating 1.5

Tuff Enuff

*memories of having to control all those players this weekend come back to haunt him*

Try to imagine all those players playing and there was a total of 70+ overkills, the best part was that every single person who got an overkill got a whole box of booster packs. O,O We're not talking about just a few packs for getting an overkill but a whole box, think we almost ran out of product too. -_-;

Anywayzz, back to this siwwy lil card. In Tuff Enuff I would only use it if I was packing Goku with 4x Goku's Physical Attacks, 4x of this card, and 3x Tien's and Yamcha's Strike because you could hopefully run your
opponent out of cards to block your Physicals with but that's about it. In other words... card, not very good. >,<

Rating 1.2

*wonders what he'll have to do to get one of those cool jerseys from pojosama* I got to wear Scott's at that turney cuz he couldn't make it and someone had to show the world how amazing the writers for this site
are when it comes to gaming. ^_<

Gokus Training - Android Saga

Not one of the best cards in the game but its pretty good. Its just a physical attack for +2 and you get the bottom card of your discard pile if successful. This card is pretty good if you set up your discard pile and draw a bunch of extra attacks. Pairing this up with gokus physical attack and you got a chance to get at least 12 cards back. This card just died out with the release cells backslap anyways. Cells backslap doesn't need to be successful to draw the card but theres no +2 damage. But does that really matter? Not a bad physical attack card though you'll see this card in the usual saiyan beatdown decks probably in some other decks but thats about it.

Rating 2.5
DaKrillin Monday: Goku's Training

Hee Hee..I have a foil version of this card and Goku's hair is shiney..hee

Standard and TE

Goku's Training is an OK card, and it does just as good in TE and in Standard. If it weren't for the nasty 2 words 'If succesfull'and the words 'Remove from the game after use' it would be remarkable, because it also does +2 stages. 0_o It's ability to draw a card is alright, it's a good card to put in a Saiyan deck 0_o..or a Red Phys. Beatdown deck.

Standard And TE: 2.25

Milo Monday: Goku's Training

There are only a handful of cards that allow you to draw from your discard pile during combat, and each has advantages and disadvantages. 

You can't use this card twice per combat in a Goku deck, like you can Goku's Physical Attack, and the attack must be successful, unlike Cell's Backslap. On the other hand, this is the only one that does any bonus stages of damage, guaranteeing you'll do at least a little damage, even if your opponent has more power levels than you do. Clearly, this card fits best in card advantage decks, especially now that King Kai's New Home exists to put an upper limit on the cards you can draw. Since you have to play this card to draw another, you won't have to worry about KKNH preventing you from drawing. It's also a great card for Goku decks, since they can have four of them.

I'll give this card a 4/5 in standard play -- a very good card, but not the best of the best. Still, it should be a staple in any physical beatdown or card advantage deck. This is equally good in Tuff Enuff, but still not good enough to rank among the best cards. Now, if it weren't "remove from game after use"...

Organous Well, it's not the most useful card returner out there, but it's definitely still a good card.  Extra damage and another card if successful = a nice attack to use anytime.  Saiyan decks and just about anything which uses a lot of cards will want all they can use of this.  The only problem is that it actually has to be successful, so this had better be one of your last attacks in Combat.  I guess it gets a little better in Tuff Enuff, since what DB or anger deck would want to use this?

S: 3     TE: 3.5

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