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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Image from

Krillin's Power Tap

Frieza Saga




Standard Rating: 2.15 (based on 4 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 2.00 (based on 2 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

New week and new card, Krillin's Power Tap is the card for today, surprised that it isnt from CG? Heh. Well anyways lets begin.
Krillin's Power Tap mainly lets you use one of your opponet's drills for a combat, an awesome card. Also if you have Black Shadow Drill out than put your opponet's allys at the bottom of their deck, but I dont think that would happen much.
This card is pretty sweet, if your playing against an orange, using that Orange Aura Drill for the combat would be cool, or maybe an Android Attack Drill. With CG out you could choose to take one of their Defense Sheild blockers, and choose the one that blocks what they attack with more. ^_^. This card is just another under-estimated card from older sagas IMO. So many possibilities..
Rating for KPT? 3/5
This is where this card gets awesome and intresting. Think..if you had 3 Android Attack Drills in play, and your opponet had one too, use the power of that for more card damage. Dont forget the staple Orange Aura Drill, having the power of 2 of those is +4 life cards, not including the attack, other drills, masterys, arenas, etc. In TE this card could give you an advantage in a combat.
My rating for KPT in TE? 4/5, like I said having advatage of some offense drills gives even more beatdown, possibly enough for a knockout, or even an overkill.
And a message to all my fans out there!!
*Broadly stands and poses and looks arund and waits to hear applause*
*crickets chirp*
*falls over >.<;;*
Anyways I wont be reviewing for the rest of the week, Ill be in D.C. for a trip, and just felt like letting all of you know ^_^ Ill be back next week though. Just because I will be gone doesnt mean you cant still read the CotD!! ^_^;;;;;
And to those of you that sent me decks, I have them reviewed and they will soon be posted on the site. If anyone else out there needs a deck review or wants to see a deck mech work on their deck ^_~ Email it to me,

A Score Guy
This card's ok and for the longest time a lot of the players used to think it was one of the best cards out there.... common sense finally kicked in and they stopped playing this card. ;-p


The card is ok but there's nothing really special about it... Drills are ok but they aren't strong enough to make this card playable. I personally don't like this card and have never used it in a real deck, just hope the Krillin fans don't attack me for what I've said. O_O

Rating 1.5

Tuff Enuff

This card's still pretty bad, it gives u a weird way to deal w/ allies but an Amuzing trick and Cell's Precense are just a lot better... sorry to say this again but I don't think the card is that useful *uses is as a coaster* Hey!!! I found a good use for it!!


(Those of you that know me from a while back will remember the inside joke)

Rating 1

Heh, revisiting the classics. This card is one of the more underrated cards ever, and sees a very small amount of play because it relies part on : your ability to go off in one combat, and what your opponent plays. You can get another card with Vegeta's Quickness Drill, increase an attack by tapping an Android Attack Drill, or search for another card by tapping Orange Energy Dan Drill. You can even pull off an interesting combo : use Goku's Reunion, then Blue Diving Punch Drill while having Blue Allies Drill in play and tapped. You'll search for 3 allies each time you use the Blue Diving Punch Drill. Just a fun card to mess with, its not reliable enough for the tourney scene.

Rating : 1.75/5


A word to the wise:  Don't brag about something until you've done it.  Example?  Last Friday's COTD.  Back to the point.  This card is interesting and I barely seen it played anymore.  I've used it before in a couple of decks so you could get the bottom two discards from a Vegeta's Quickness Drill or do an extra +2 lifecards with an energy attack.  It's more of a utility card than anything else.  This card should not even be played in Tuff Enuff--there are better options. 

An interesting piece of information for those of you who don't know this; but, Krillin's Power Tap originally read "use the power of any dragon ball in play."  If that power was used today, it'd be in all anger, and all dragonballs decks.

Standard - 2.3/5

Tuff Enuff - 1/5


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