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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Image from

Power Boost

Cell Games




Standard Rating: 2.56 (based on 7 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 2.85 (based on 5 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

The week of school is coming to an end, YES!!! But we still have a card to review, today's card is Power Boost.
This card isnt all that bad. Its a good card tho, its almost like adding another Orange Aura Drill. I can see alot of combos with this. Already having out all the major orange drills, and possibly 3x Android Attacks Drill, add this on...making attacks more deadly. Plus it makes it so you dont have to pay any costs ^_^ This card is alright, but it could be taking up a spot for another attack. Adding 2 life cards is alright, paying 0 is great, but I think Id probably go with another huge attack. It depends which way you go. Having Orange Body Shifting Drill already reduces all of your attacks by a powerstage. Plus this card must be played IMMEDIATLY after playing the attack, not if it is if they stop it you just wasted a card space in your hand. I personally would use an attack rather than this in the end.
My final rating? 2/5..its alright. Paying 0, if you have Cell's Arena out ^_^
Almost the same as above, adding two is fine. 2 cards isnt much of an advantage, 0 cost good, but like also said above, OBSDrill reduces it by one. This card isnt much better at all. Id rather try to see if they could stop another energy attack, and do more major cards. If it is stopped, then this card was wasted..the end..
My rating for Power Boost in TE? 2.5/5, I suppose you could attach this for your last attack for a little beatdown, and no cost. But wouldnt you rather fill the spot with another major attack doing WAY more than +2 life cards..


A Score Guy
This card is really yummy and it's a must in Vinegar decks but is it really worth using in other decks?

Let's find out ^_^ *kinda feel like one of those weird shows on Tv now ~_~;*


This card works really well with Krillin's Heat Seeking Blast and it can do wonders for Vinegar HT decks but that's about it. There is one really neat combo with it tho, thanks to this card you can play Teamwork Kanehameha w/o having any  allies in play because if you play this card first you dn't have to pay for the costs of the attack... therefore you don't need an ally topay those power stages. It's a neat trick but I don't think it makes the card that great, it works well in one or two decks but that's about it. Rating 1.75

Tuff Enuff

The card just deals 2 more life cards of damage and it has Endurance... not that great for this environment, think what made it good in standard was that it could help your unblockable attacks to deal enough damage to steal a Dragonball but that's not a lot in Tuff Enuff. 

Just play another attack instead and you'll do a lot better.

Rating 1

Organous Hm... I have mixed feelings about this card. It's not a gamebreaker, but it does get some points for me. It's like a Gohan's Stance that's actually useful, though not quite as much. It makes something expensive, like Namekian Destruction Blast, free and more powerful. The endurance is also good judging by how far other endurance cards go. The only problem is that there's no guarantee that it'll hit unless your opponent's hand is empty, but you can always save it for last.

I'm unsure on how it'd be better or worse in Tuff Enuff, since having never been to one, I can't tell if it's heavily offensive or defensive. I'd guess that it is heavily offensive judging by how my good friend Goken plays, in which case I'd give it a higher rating for improving the attack and making an attack free.

Final Rating: 3.7, 4

Aik Tongtharadol
Power Boost...not bad overall, but for the most part I would rather have another energy attack instead of this card. It is not named or a style card so it will find use in almost any energy deck if you choose though. Another thing is it has Endurance 3, which could prove very useful in the right situations. An energy attack for free which does 2 additional life cards of damage sounds good though so this card is better than most. In Tuff Enuff, this can make those 4-5 life card energy attacks really start to hurt, and beef up the other energies to Overkilling damage. Not only that but it keeps your stages a little bit higher.

Standard: 2.7

Tuff Enuff: 3.0

Aik Tongtharadol

This card is OK. The best thing, if you ask me, is to capture a DB and power up to full or get some phys blocks after you're knocked down to zero with some attacks in your hand. It also works ok with Cell's Arena and w/ cards like TeamWork Kamehameha, where you have unsual casting costs. Being an energy combat card makes this hard to grab, but it can pay off in combo decks. You won't catch me using this card.

Rating : 2.0/5

Power Boost - Cell Games

Not a bad card at all. It makes an energy attack free and makes it do +2 more life cards. This can be a nice addition to orange decks. Especially if they lockdown on you. Youll still have a free energy attack that will happen. Theres no big flaw in this card. It also has an endurance of 3 so its a pretty solid card for orange decks. Black decks will love this card as well. This and the mastery (if black style energy) make the energy attack do +4 more and 2 stages. Ill love using this card with krillins heat seeking blast and villains true power :D

Rating 3.8

Hehe, this isn't just a Card of the Day.  This is "Cds is going to win Regionals" CotD.  Yup, for all you Pojo-people I'll be heading down south to Georgia.  Due to my preparation for Regionals, I haven't done COTD any this week.  But I figured I'd throw in Friday's because I felt like advertising my victory ^_^.  I'll be meeting up with Ken (Goken) there.  But I have to review the card too.  This card is the card that your opponent makes your opponent say "darnit, I didn't see that coming" when you play it.  Yes, it is quite annoying in that aspect.  Got yourself down to zero stages, your cocky opponent thinks you can't perform an energy attack, and BAM you stick this on him.  It is quite effective too, with Teamwork Kamehameha.  Free energy attack for 12? o_O  That's good!  With an endurance of 3, and not being an energy combat card, it can help you in more ways than you can think.  I hope to see some of you in Atlanta, where I plan on taking the whole event with no losses ;)  And yes I am very cocky, because I am 1000% confident in this deck.  If I lose...then I'll just have to come up with a witty excuse to why I lost ::cough Brian Valdez cough::.  If Pojo edits this COTD to drop everything but my incisive comments, then he is evil.  So no editing, Pojo!  :[
Standard - 2.0
Tuff Enuff - 3.75

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