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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Image from

Straining Destruction Move

Cell Games




Standard Rating: 3.14 (based on 5 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 2.42 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
Sorry I didn't do card reviews for the past 2 days but I kinda got my wonderful wisdom teeth pulled and been in sleepy land thanks to all those wonderful pain killers ~_0


I can see how this card can give all those pesky DB decks problems, combine it with Krillin's Heat Seeking blast and the any Orange or the old Black Mastery and that's 2 dragonballs you get to capture. The card doesn't remove itself from the game or is a limit 1 per deck so if you're using a Vinegar deck you can have all sorts of fun with this card. >_^

Rating 2.5

Tuff Enuff

This card is not worth using in this environment, your opponent can't win by the Dragonball victory and dealing 5 or more life cards from a single attack is not that hard when that's the main focus of your deck. The card might be great in standard but in Tuff Enuff (TE) there is just no use for it.

Rating 1

First Id like to say sorry about the mix-up on the CotD yesterday >.<!! I have bad vision..
But todays card is Straining Destruction move. A pretty cool card, mainly cuz its a combat and can only be stopped by Trunk's Energy Sphere. If you play a non- Namekian deck, or a deck that doesnt involve getting cards back from the discard pile, this card is awesome!! You lower your Power Stages to 0, then you remove your discard pile from the game. And then, your opponet discards the top 5 cards of his deck!! It is a great early game card, because think about it, earlier in the game = less cards in your discard pile. And yes, the disadvantage is being set to zero, dont want to be hit by some major physicals >.<! Or if you're playing a energy focused deck, then you won't be playing any attacks. If you're mad about being set to zero, a quick little combo would be using Hidden Power Level. Raise right back up to full ^_^
My rating for SDM? 3/5. Depends on when you draw it, and what youre against..
This card is ok in TE too. It sucks having to remove the discard pile, but having their only way of stopping 5 cards being discarded is TES?? Cool. Like a said above, combo it with Hidden Power Level to get back to full and start playing that energy beatdown.
My rating for SDM in TE? 3/5..same thing. Depends what youre playing, and when to use it..
Organous At first, I thought this to be a nice card, since I considered the cost less than the benefit, but then I examined at what happens and the decks that won't like this. Energy is mainly what won't use it, and energy decks go for life cards, which this card basically does. Physicals wouldn't mind it, but they focus on power stages rather than life cards, and this wouldn't help their cause. If this were Non-Combat, I'd be alright with it because you could just save it until you have a power-up ready and are at 0 or 1 above it, then power up after. However, the fact that it's Combat gives it less strategy, and it's not something I'd want to hold onto.

I suppose it'd be a bit more useful in Tuff Enuff, since you'll want to lay it heavy on the attacks there, exhausting your power stages quick if you're playing energy, the only deck that'd use this. You'd then have more power-ups, allowing the situation I described earlier to happen. It's still not something they'd like, since they can deal a lot more damage with their normal attacks.

Final Rating: 3, 3.2

Aik Tongtharadol
Hmm, at first glance this card look bad...but upon further review it is quite useful actually. If you are running ally, it sets you to zero stages above which is what you want. Not only that but it removes your opponent's discard from the game and does what amounts to 5 life cards of damage.

Although it is not entirely for ally decks, it won't find as much playtime in other deck types.

Standard: 2.5
Tuff Enuff: 2.5

Aik Tongtharadol


Straining Destruction Move - Cell Games

Oh man what the heck is score thinking?!?! Lower your MP to 0 and remove your discard pile from the game to make your opponent lose 5 life cards. Very harsh. You can actually use this card infinite times. After you remove your discard pile from the game this gets discarded. Then next combat use quickness drill or protective shelter and get it back for another free 5 life cards. Boy this card needs to be removed from the game after use -.- This card is just perfect for ally decks. A faster way to get them to 0 and let the allies take over the combat. Ah yes another combat card. Better keep those trunks energy spheres handy. You'll need em.

Rating 5.0


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