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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Image from

Aura Clash

Cell Games




Standard Rating: 4.05 (based on 6 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 3.63 (based on 4 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
This card will have a huge impact on the game and on waht decks are used. A lof of players are going nutz over this card because it allows you to play w/ you other levels too, not just your level 1.


This is where this card will twist the game around, it will deal with those so called "amazing" A-18 decks. This card gives a lot of decks out there something to worry about and who knows where this card will take the game because you can no longer build your deck based around your level 1. The card is welcomed in beatdown decks and feared by those that play control decks, I just wana see where this goes ^_^

Rating 4.25

Tuff Enuff

The card's not so good here because the fear of it combined witht the fear of Are you Tuff Enuff is enough to scare the pants out of someone trying to make a deck based around a level 1. The card would be great but once the metagame kicks in it will just be a card that gives you and your opponent a level.

Rating 2.5

Ah, new week, new day, new card. And today's CotD is AWESOME!! Perhaps one of my favorite cards from Cell Games fo far. Aura Clash.
This card is great! Raise anger 6!! Good thing for that to get around the TS Blue Style Mastery. Even tho this card also raises your opponets anger by 6 as well, there are so many cards to counter it, Master Roshi's Calming, King Kai's Calming, Cell's Threatening Position, Namek Dragon Ball 2. And don't forget about those cards you can attach first then play Aura Clash. Severe Bruises, Goku's Heart Diasease, Awful Abrasions. Yes this card is awesome, take you up, and either keeping them there or pushing them back down.
Theres a little bit more of a bad effect to this card as well, you can not win by the MPP victory. So this card should stay away from those type of decks. But in some cases its still awesome..think of how much fun it would be to beat down with Cell 5's broke power? Or Gohan 5's huge PL?!? Pretty fun to me ^_^ Sure it makes the game longer, but its still fun, for you pkayers out there that actually like having fun other than just winning tho..
So if you're playing a non-MPP deck and know that 8 out of the 10 youll be able to push them back down or prevent them from getting to their next level, its great. And in Anger Decks, its still great, seeing as Red and Black are the main MPP Decks, it works out becuz when using Red Mastery CS, its beatdown, and the Black Mastery from TS, its also beatdown ^_^
My rating for this shagadlic card? 4/5.
Woah this card is still awesome in tuff enuff, since you can't win by MPP anyways and against most decks the PL dont count (because theyre mainly playing Energys) its awesome. Are you playing Cell 1 and want to go to his level 2 for his power? Then this is were Aura Clash comes in. Mainly in TE, if you want your next stage's power, then use it. If not..then..uhm..dont.
My rating for this card in TE? 3.5/5, it could seem better, since no one can win by MPP anyways, but really, the PL to beatdown with doesnt 0w|\| like in the Original Format.
What an amazing card! You can use this to gain brackets and unleash a physical disaster (somethign which saiyan has never had before), or ruin your opponent's awesome level 1 powers (like vinegar or #18). The advantage with this card obviously goes to characters with level 5's, mainly because you won't have to worry about them accepting the 6 anger gift and winning by Most Powerful Personality. Unfortunately, #18's level 2 power is almost as juicy as her level 1 (maybe even better, depending on the matchup), so you'll have to knock her up to level 3. Being a combat, non-removed, is always big in my book, which garners this card another point on the rating. There are some sick combos with this card, but I don't think i'll give you ALL the tips just now ^_^.

Rating : 4.5/5

Organous This card has gotten much publicity since it has been published on the site (and for all doubters hoping for something broken, you can never get the MPPV for the rest of the game with this). This card is a must-have in a great many decks. If you want to get past level 1, like so many Saiyan and Namekian decks do, then this guarantees you'll get past it. If you don't like your opponent's level 1, you can use this to pass it up and get rid of that annoying power. If you're worried that this will help anger decks, the normal Severe Bruises and others still stop your opponent from getting anger from it, so it then benefits you alone. Include 3 of these as well as a fair amount of other anger cards, and you'll quickly reach level 5 and unleash their titanic powers on your opponent.

In Tuff Enuff, it shines even greater, probably as a staple in most if not all decks, because you obtain greater power with higher levels, in personality powers, power stages, and even PUR. All decks that aren't based on the level 1 need this card.

Final Ratings: 4.5, 5

Aik Tongtharadol
In Standard, this card is good...since it is pretty versatile. Having a hard time getting to your Level 2, 3, 4 power? Is your opponent playing a really annoying Level 1, 2, 3? Are you getting locked down by your opponent's drills? The only downside is that it's a combat card, and that isn't too much of a problem since it can also help that it's a combat card. 

In Tuff Enuff though, this should help out a lot since there is no MPP victory already. It's all about higher power levels, and better Main Personality powers :)

Standard: 3.0
Tuff Enuff: 3.5

Aik Tongtharadol


Aura Clash - Cell Games

Awesome. A combat card that forces you and your opponent to jump a level. Trunks energy sphere is turning into one of the most powerful cards in the entire game. So many powerful combat cards and theres only one of these cards that can stop it when needed. Anyway, this replacing straining jump kick move without a doubt. It only needs to avoid sphere and its not an attack. Lets see how vinegar, 18 , Trunks HT, and all those other decks that rely on lvl.1 powers only handle this card. This will easily be a staple card in most decks.

Rating 4.0
Cds Aura Clash is definately going to shake up the tourny 
enviroment. I can see every deck being built with 
Aura Clash in mind. Whether it be to use it for 
yourself, or take advantage of your opponent using it. 
 Aura Clash makes it easier for non MPP decks to reach 
the higher levels, something that was nearly 
impossible for them do to due to the fact that decks 
were made to stop pure anger decks, and if a deck can 
handle a pure anger deck, it can more then handle a 
deck that doesn't try to get anger extremely fast and 
consistently. Aura Clash is great drill defense, and 
is a better alternative then straining jump kick move, 
since it will be able to pass through more 
Aura Clash does have a few drawbacks though, your 
opponent, with everything else being equal, gets more 
of a benefit when you use this card. More then likely 
your deck will be sure to take advantage of this 
though. There are ways to counter this, mainly by way 
of Winter Countryside and Trunks Energy Sphere. This 
will easily be one of the more sought after cards in 
cell games so be sure to horde up a few for yourself. 
Although it does have its drawbacks, I have to say its 
advantages are far too good too pass up. 
In Tuff Enuff this card is a bit less risky, in the 
aspect that you do not have to worry about your 
opponent winning by way of MPP, but this is soon 
countered by the fact that the opponent will expect on 
leveling up in the same fashion you will be leveling 
up with this card. Besides that, there isn't much 

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