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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Image from

Vegeta's Surprised

Cell Games




Standard Rating: 3.18 (based on 4 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 2.42 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
This card is another Vegeta named card but it's a limit 1 per deck :( I just love those Vegeta named decks because believe it or not he's like my fav character ^_^


This card is prety cool because is almost a free style version of Orange Haulting drill. The card is prety but it's also a limit 1 per deck, there currently arent't a lot of plain physical beatdown decks in this format but the card is still prety decent. I expect to see it in a lo0t of decks. >_^

Rating 3

Tuff Enuff

If this card wasn't limit 1 per deck this is were you would use Vegeta as your MP and have 4 in your deck. There's a lot of Saiyan physical beatdown decks w/o any energy attacks. This card will make your opponent pay for not using energy attacks, granted 5 power stages is still a lot but is not as bad as 13 O_O

Rating 3.25

Vegeta's Surprised
A new attaching card in the Cell Games. When you look at what they have to follow, it is awesome. A Max of 5?!?! That is cool, this could stop some beatdown decks for a while. But the only problem is when they perform an energy attack, successful or not, it gets removed from the game, and theres a limit of one per deck..
If you know you are facing Physical beatdown decks, this is awesome. Alot of those Physical Beatdowns run little or no energy attacks in their deck. But if you're playing an Energy Beatdown deck, eh, its pretty much worthless. But there are plenty of cards out there to prevent them from laying down those Energy attacks ^_^ NEA, CPH, TiaWT, and even Frieza Smiles could help out. I suppose that if they made the card say Remove from game after a Successful energy attack, itd be WAY too broken. This would be in a ton of decks, that focus on a DB Victory and mainly stoppers. Still this card could stay on the table for some time, giving you time to recover and take a max of 5 powerstages of damage if you cant stop it. But since this is a combat card, Trunks Energy Sphere will send this card straight to your Removed from Game pile.
My Rating? 3.5/5. This card is awesome, could stop alot of Physical Beatdown decks, the ones that dont rely on Energy Attacks ^_^
Wow, this card loses all of its potential in TE. There are so many Energy Beatdown decks in the TE Environment, this card wouldnt stay in play for more than 2 turns. And plus alot of the Physical Attacks used would prolly be able to only make a Max of 5 anyways. For Tuff Enuff, this card just takes up a card space.
My rating for this card in Tuff Enuff? 1/5. There is still a posibilty you can come across a Physical Beatdown in TE, but not likly..this card would not be very good in a Tuff Enuff game..
This card is great, and it really compliments the set. Pretty much, score is trying to get decks totally centered on physical beatdown to PLAY ENERGY attacks! This will buy many players some much needed time versus saiyan onslaughts, but the really skilled players will find ways to totally lock down saiyan decks to 5 stages of damage for the entire game. The nasty limit 1 text reduces the rating, but its still a great card that should be in EVERY SINGLE DECK....especially in TE.

Rating : 4.75/5


This card is OKAY. But most decks play atleast 1 energy attack, or soon will be after this card is released. It has no use against Dragonball or Anger, so in Standard it's pretty much junk. In Tuff enuff, even physical decks will play a few energy attacks. I just don't really like it.

Standard - 1.5/5
TE - 3/5

Organous Well, I have to say Vegeta's not as surprised as I am. This is a nice card to stop physical decks, and it even makes me think I should include energies that do stages in my deck. This has its best effect on Red decks, since there's very little in them which hits NCs. It's also freestyle, so any deck can include it, unlike Orange Haulting Drill. This should be a staple in any deck just as much as CPH. In Tuff Enuff, monstrous damage comes from physical when compared to energy, so this can sometimes mean the difference between victory and defeat, or even an overkill.


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