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DBZ CCG Card of the Day

Image from

Black Recovery

Cell Games




Standard Rating: 2.75 (based on 5 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 2.42 (based on 3 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
This card is just mean in so many wayz, it will make your opponent pay for performing those energy attacks. 


This card is just plain evil, if you combine it with the Black Style Mastery from the Cell Saga that's two cards your opponent has to discard at random. If you build your deck around hand disrruption this card can hurt your opponent more than you can imagine. o_0

Rating 2.25

Tuff Enuff

This card is still prety good but you kinda have to build you deck around it and I don't think you'll have the time you need to set up in an environment this fast. I could be wrong tho but until I can see a good hand disrruption deck in TE this card gets a not so good rating.

Rating 1.75

Trunks the Swordsman

Black Recovery
Cell Games - Uncommon

Black was first known for its huge attacks. Now score brings a twist on black from beatdown to hand devastation. This not only stops an energy attack but if you declared tokui-waza you may discard a card from your hand to pick a random card from your opponents hand and discard it. Then after use black style mastery CS to discard another card. Black Mastery CS and all these card disruption cards may be the answer to Android 18. This card is probably only the tip of the iceberg though. Theres still more cards to be revealed. But so far black is getting more deck and hand destruction cards.

Rating 3.5
DBZ CotD for Wednesday
Black Recovery
New day, new card from Cell Games. Heres a Black Styled card that actually does something OTHER than raising your anger ^_^;; This isnt a bad card.  A couple of these could totally mess up your opponet's hand. If you have an extra card or something you know you won't use, then its a great card. For example if they play any of the T.R.A.S.H. cards to stop some attacks, this card is worth it, hey, you'll end up having to discard down to one anyways, or two if you ahve Black Smoothness Drill out (another good Black Drill ^_^) But after reading all of the good secondary effects of the card, there are those nasty words there, If you declared Tokui-Waza. I know theres plenty of players there that dont use Tokui-Waza, and thats fine, but unless you declared Black Tokui-Waza, this card is taking up space in a deck for a better card or stopper. And this also means if you declare any other Tokui-Waza than Black, this wont be seen. But this is great for Black Tokui-Waza. I know if I could disrupt my opponets hand for the price of a card in my hand, Id use it. Like said above, in alot of combats, you always have another card in your hand other than the one you want to save, it will be discarded anyways, so why not hurt your opponet at the same time ^_^
My rating for Black Recovery? 2.5/5. This card would be able to get up to a 3.5 IMO if you didnt have to declare a Tokui-Waza.
In Tuff Enuff, this card is still good, but in Tuff Enuff it would be better to discard from an opponet's deck than their hand. But this card is also good for TE. If you could look at their hand, itd be great, get rid of an attack blocker that could stop a huge attack. Or if you're out of blockers, get rid of there major attack. But unfortuanatly, you dont have the choice to choose, you'd have to just take your luck. But theres also a little trick you could do, if you're playing a villian, you could always use Android 18's Stare Down, take a look at your opponet's hand and try to rememeber the order. But I hope that players are smart enuff to re arrange the cards in your hand after it is seen, just a hint to people who don't. And dont forget the nasty If you declared Tokui- Waza text. This card loses some potential that it had in regular format.
Rating for Black Recovery? 2/5. Like I already said above, this card loses some of the better potential that it had in the Regular format.
Beh. At first glance, this card is amazing. Then, at second glance, you see that you have to discard a card from your hand. That means, including the block itself, you'll lose 2 cards. THEN, if you think using it with the new black mastery will be devastating, you're right--but you have to drop a third card. Its pretty good for ruining an opponent's combat, but as for an offensive weapon I think its pathetic. Stick with black dodge. 

Rating: 1.0/5

Nothing to say today.
Organous This is a nice card to include in Black decks, and it's almost assured a spot being a defense and with all the focused stuff being introduced. It aids to the Black disruption decks very well, being a smaller version of the CS mastery, though if more cards like this are made, Black's going to need to draw cards as well as take others out. Perhaps I'm wrong in this, but I don't think Black has much good energy defense, mostly just raising its anger when it blocks, and this will support Black decks that want to stay at level 1 (16, namely). In Tuff Enuff, it's the same worth, since you usually need cards in your hand to do anything.


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