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Straining Rebirth Move


Why 5, 9 or 1?  Read IQ's Review!


Standard Rating: 2.70 (based on 4 reviews)
Tuff Enuff: 1.00 (based on 2 reviews)

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.

A Score Guy
Straining Rebirth Move

A lot of players like to ask me what's my favorite card, my favorite deck and so on.... well, here's the answer to one of those questions. This is my favorite card but it's not my favorite because of what it can do >_^


This card may not seem like something you want to use because it allows your opponent to recover and get back all those powerful cards like Time and Halt. I think this card is the sleeper in Cell Games, I'm sure it will be used in combo decks and it might even go in some dragon ball decks. I feel that it has a lot of potential but only time will tell.

Rating 3.75

Tuff Enuff

This card is something you will not use in Tuff Enuff unless you're trying to win by Cosmic Backlash or Dragon's Victory. The card can still help you set some combos up but is not what Tuff Enuff decks do so I don't see this card being played that much. Rating 2

Inside Scoop:

Incase any of you are wondering why the numbers in the card are in such a weird order here's your answer. The card says "Choose 5, 9, or 1..." because my lil angel was born on 5-9-01 (yes I am a daddy). It took us a while to work the numbers into a card power but after a couple of hours we managed to pull it off ^_^

Trunks the Swordsman Straining Rebirth Move
Cell Games - Rare

Good god!!!!! Red feint + Straining rebirth move. Insane combo. You shuffle back 9 cards while they shuffle back 18 cards they wish they had since red feint cleaned their discard pile from the game ^_^. Good thing this card cant be used more than once. No way of preventing it since its a physical combat card. Theres other uses for this card though. If you opponent hits you hard in the first combat you can just shuffle back 9 cards and i doubt they'll have no more than 3 cards in their discard pile. Its a straining move that gives you a tough choice. I can see this card being used. A straining move rare that wont be in the shoe box.

Rating 3.0
I dont know if you want me to send the whole week's reviews at a time, or send them the day before...well heres my review for Straining Rebirth Move
My first review today!! ^_^ And the first reviews on Pojo.com's for the Cell Games Saga. Anyways enough of that, onto the card.
This card is pretty optional..it would be good it beginning of the game and if you suffered from alot of energy attacks. Mid-Game and towards the end of the game, its so so. You have a chance to get either 5, 9, or 1 card out of your discard pile..but your opponet either gets 10, 18, or 2. The 2 isnt bad, so if you only are needing one card, its ok, but 10 or 18 cards!! Thats almost asking you to lose, if you only win by Survival that is.
I still dont think this card is worthy in most decks, its limit 1 per deck anyways, and is also removed from the game..I dont have many positive things to say.
My final rating is 2/5..
This card isnt much better in Tuff Enuff, it would be awesome if the second part wasnt on there, but since Survival is all here, this help opponets too much. Id keep it out of Tuff Enuff Decks, even tho allowing you to get up to 9 cards, but your opponet 18..again, just asking to lose.
Tuff Enuff Rating 1/5
This card has insane amounts of potential. Shuffling 9 cards into your deck can be great, but letting your opponent shuffle 18 is worse. Also, not being a combat card really irkes me, but aside from that the card sure is straining. Here's a clue though : To make best use of this card, use your mind. Let that sink in!

Rating: 2.0/5

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