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Pojo's DBZ Card of the Day

image from bandai.com



Set - Series 1: The Warriors Return

Card Ratings

Average Score: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 09.22.08


Warrior - Super
Turn: 3
Chi: 0
Human | Saiyan | Male
This Warrior comes into play with 1 Dragon Ball coin on him.

If the latest preview of Super Saiyan Gohan is any indication, we will see a sure theme of Gohan being a suicidal character.  I don't know how much I like this.  Sure, he'll get stronger once he's injured, but he'll also be much more fragile as a result.  He has to become the leader of his team in order to make use of his new power, so aside from just being vulnerable to techniques, he'll be the first one to take damage from something as simple as Emperor Pilaf.  Then you're out a powerful Super.
The true potential I can see in him is not in any true Super deck, but as a splash in another deck that likes lots of Dragon Balls, either to make a wish or to utilize effects without needing damage.  We have yet to see any support for any of Gohan's types, though I say this without having seen the full set for Awakening yet.  In fact, his types are actually a negative with Ranfan out there.  I'm not saying he's bad, but I'm not seeing a deck where he'd really be worth a slot.
Koli Xela Gohan - SR - Super Energy Warrior

Turn 3, no chi cost

3/2 - 5/0

Gohan, the first of Goku's children to be seen in the Dragonball card game; Those of you who have played Naruto will recognize his Attack and Support set, gaining more aggressive power as he is injured, kinda sounds like a few forms of Naruto.

Well for a turn 3 Warrior he is fairly solid; 3/2 with no Chi cost is about average for a turn 2 or 3 character, lacking a secondary ability such as Super Healing, Toughness or Fierce would leave him on par with any other turn 3 Warrior and only an addition to a deck running a super theme. His injured status values of 5/0 make him slightly more playable; he makes a nice added threat when attacking solo with a large team or 2, forcing a block to avoid 2 planet damage but don't expect to get much use out of him for this ploy. The likelyhood of Gohan survivng combat while injured is slim to none. Combined with One Last Attack you could play him out for an extra shot but otherwise just use him as an early game head Warrior, till you can get out SSJ Goku, FF Frieza, Android 17 or Andriod 18 depending on your build.

Constructed: (Super energy build) 3/5 - On color, on curve and not many other choices that are better Gohan for a super deck.

Constructed: (Beatdown build) 3/5 - Good healed stats for support, good injured stats for head, good sacrifice block mid game. Not the best warrior in the bunch but worth an include.

Sealed: 4/5 - In a sealed deck or booster draft both 2 Support and 5 Combat will prove invaluable, don't be afraid to mix it up, it's not so bad if Gohan takes an injury!
Soviet Prince

Gohan WA-007

The first preview for the week is Goku and Chi-Chiʼs son Gohan. Gohan is a super element warrior and can be deployed on your turn 3. Gohan is unique from all other warriors because he is currently the only warrior who gets stronger while injured Gohan goes from a 3/2 while healthy to a 5/0 beast when being damaged which captures Gohan nature on DBZ good. As he outstanding stats are not enough just take a glimpse at his effect that will get you a free dragonballs attached to Gohan when you play him. The ability will help you acquire dragonballs to use warriors effects or make a wish that can turn the tables of any game.  I would suggest running this alongside of Krillin Starter Exclusive is space allows. I will give Gohan a strong 4 out of 5 and worthy of the super status.

Knight All right, finally we get to review some cards for the new Dragonball CCG that's catching on. Starting off we get to look at one of the Super Rares from the first set, appropriately named 'The Warriors Return'.

Gohan- Warrior
Tribe: Super
Turn-3, Chi Cost-0
Characteristics: Human/Saiyan/Male
Effect: This Warrior comes into play with 1 Dragon Ball coin on him
Stats: 3/2-Healthy; 5/0-Injured

Right off the bat, players of the Naruto CCG will recognize the stats on Gohan's character as being similar to everyone's favorite ninja, Naruto. Coming into play healed, his stats don't boast much power, even for most turn 3 characters, but if you manage to get him injured, that story all changes, though not by much. While Gohan is still more powerful in injured status, that makes him more susceptible to be discarded once he loses a battle. Sad to say, but on his first outing, Goku's firstborn is not meant to be in a deck focused on strength, or for attack power.

Gohan's ability is what makes him shine, especiall among decks that focus on using Wish cards, combining it with other cards, such as Bulma, who's got the same effect.



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