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Pojo's DBZ CCG Fan Tips
e've added more DBZ TCG forums to our DBZ Message Boards today.  Head on over to trade cards, share deck ideas, and get our questions answered.

September 2008

How to make the Dragonball CCG Thrive: Part 1 by Super Saiyan Trunks

First off, I want to personally thank The First Hokage from the Pojo.com Message Board for answering my questions.  

Yes, I know that The Warriors Return is sold out and won't be re-made yet. And I know were a little less then a month away from The Awakening, but there are a lot of ways to make the game better. 

The following are questions I asked, along witht he answers. 

1. I buy a box. How many of the "Supers" can I expect? 

Expect About 4 Supers in a Box right now. Prior to Eternal Rivalry, it was 2 Supers in a box.  

As of right now, we can expect three Supers in a box of Dragonball cards, some people do get four Supers in a box. 

Boxes of the cards are about $65.00, depending on what sites you look for, but I'm sure just getting one extra Super in a box will help, and give Bandai more money. As for me, I am a collector, and plan on getting 2 boxes as soon as the set comes out. So, getting 8 Supers instead of 6 would be a lot better for some, as well as finishing the collection faster. 

I'm not sure what set number Eternal Rivalry is, but I'm sure another three or four sets, we may get an increased of Supers. 

2. For every set, how many times do we get a Starter Deck to go along with it? (Like, every 2 sets, every 3, ect..) 

Starters are usually every 2 sets. 

Well, this is a good thing. That means set three could have a new set of Starters? Maybe a Vegeta and Cell? Or Piccolo and Androids? Or, maybe even some sort of new of Buu in Set three, and get a Buu deck with Gohan? Who knows. 

We do know this, however, we need to make the decks 40 cards instead 30. That way players could jump in faster. 

Keep up the trends with the decks, though. A lot of us like to use Goku, for example, but maybe someone wants to get a strong Piccolo deck going? Think about it, Bandai, think about it... 

3. When the Naruto game came out, how long did you wait until you got the tins, and how many packs are in them? 

Tins didn't come out until recently, like early last year for the first wave. So it was about a year and a half for tins. Tins have 5 packs in them. I bought the tins pretty fast as it was good value.  

I know a lot of people wanted to see this question pop up. So I asked it. 

Possibly for Holiday 2009, we could get some tins. We should have... maybe 4-5 sets by then? I don't think well get set three this year, maybe in February. $20.00 for 5 packs and a promo card would be awesome.  

Think about this: if Score's Dragonball Z game is still getting a lot of love (Look at the trading section for it on Pojo, a lot of people still trade there). Dragonball never died to the fans. 

Theres an estimated 40 million fans of Dragonball Z fans worldwide. 

FUNimation is making billions of zillions of willions of dollars by selling the Dragonball Z Season Sets, and Bandai wanted to wrap it up by making a new card game.




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