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Cartoon Review

Pokemon Episode Number 3

 Ash Catches a Pokemon At the end of the last episode, Ash tried to catch a Caterpie. It ended up that he caught it. Even though it was in a Poke Ball, Misty was still afraid of it. When Ash let it out for her to see it, she ran away. While she acted like a scaredy cat, Ash found a Pidgeotto to battle. She came out then, since Caterpie was in its Poke Ball. He fought it, and captured it. Then, Team Rocket blasted in on all their fun. Again, they came for Pikachu. James's Koffing squirted Sludge in Pikachu's eyes, making him unable to battle. Pidgeotto tried, but fainted. Caterpie saved the day with its String Shot attack. Misty decides to make friends with Caterpie, but when she goes to pet him, Caterpie evolves into Metapod! 

- Amy Gill


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