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Cartoon Review

Pokemon Episode Number 9


Episode 9 - The School of Hard Knocks 

Ash,Brock and Misty are still lost, looking for Vermillion City. Brock want to do a super dinner and need to warm up water. He will ask the two others to go get firewood. Misty don't want,of course,so Ash go get some with Pikachu.He don't find firewood,but he see a gang. They're "helping" a kid,Joe.These people are in the Pokémon Tech School, along with Joe.Misty and Brock shows up, and after a little conversation, the mist disappear and they finally see the school. Notice Pikachu on the rolling carpet, he becomes angry...hahaha! Ash want to see the student in charge of the "help". (Teachers don't know that exist)It is a girl named Gisele. Joe think he is stronger than Misty and battle her. He choose Weepinbell and Misty choose Starmie.Joe lose, even if Weepinbell has a resistance to water.

Gisele shows up and battle Misty with Graveler. Misty loses very badly. After that,Gisele battles Ash with Cubone. Gisele want to see Pikachu's skills,so Ash choose him.Pikachu is about to loose but he perform a super comeback so he win.  At the end, Joe say to Gisele he will quit the school to become a trainer like Ash.

Super Jipi,Cubone or anything else,you choose clinvet@ivic.qc.ca


So the episode starts off with Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Brock trying to find Vermillion city. They're lost and Ash and Misty start to fight (what'd you expect?) Brock tells them to stop fighting and they decide to make some tea, Brock has coffee and says that Ash and Misty are too young for it (coffee isnt all that great though once my friend made me try it and i like got addicted to it! he he good times...anyway..) Ash and Pikachu find themselves on a thrilling adventure searching for firewood! They notice a foggy place and there's a little boy on a treadmill with older guys around him. They're asking him (Joe) all sorts of questions about Pidgey; he looks very nervous and is getting the answers wrong..finally Ash has had enough of listening to the older boys make fun of Joe so he yells at them. The older guys say that they'd fight Ash but they don't want to waste their time. Joe later explains that his "friends" were just trying to help him, and that he goes to a Pokemon school called Pokemon Tech. Brock (Brock and Misty are there now..just letting u know ^_^;) says that he's heard of Pokemon Tech and it's a school for trainers that don't want to go on a pokemon journey to earn badges they earn badges by passing classes (during all of this poor little pikachu got on the treadmill and is fighting to stay alive!! that little guy is just so cute sometimes...) Ash wants to talk to the person in charge because he thinks Joe is being treated unfairly. Joe shows him a picture of who's in charge..it's a girl and Brock AND Ash go nuts over the picture, Misty, however, is very mad. The screen goes to Team Rocket who are thinking back to old times when they went to Pokemon Tech! They had a test and they didn't quite study enough..too much "frolicking all night"...whats that supposed to mean...-_-;; anyway so they got the lowest scores in the history of the school! Poor Team Rocket they never catch a break! Don't worry Team Rocket I love you! Touching isn't it?...anyway Joe thinks he can beat Misty in a Pokemon battle because he "always beats the Cerulean Gym on the stimulators.." Misty gets pissy!! sorry it rhymed..and i just had to say it..anyway Our favorite water trainer is very upset and agrees to battle him. Joe chooses Weepingbell and Misty uses Starmie (ah, remember the days before Psyduck when what pokemon you wanted to use would come out? those were the good old days ^_~) Anyway Misty's Starmie beats Joe's Weepingbell and then **GASP** Giselle comes in and is very upset about Joe's loss, and she battles against Misty and uses a rock pokemon! **double gasp** But Rock Pokemon are weak against water!! Gisele is confident in her ability to win and in fact she kicks some poke' butt! Starmie is thrown to the ground and it's red jewel thing is cracked! Misty is mad but knows she was beaten...later Ash battles Gisele. Gisele sends out Cubone and Ash uses Pikachu. I personally think this battle is really cool! Yay cool battle!! Gisele makes fun of Pikachu..and when you make fun of Pikachu...then Pikachu is gonna get you!! Pikachu was losing badly, but then Ash uses good strategy and Pikachu makes Cubone cry!! Score: Mean snobby girl 0 Super cute Pikachu: 1!! And the battle is over! Gisele learns that not everything can be taught in a book. Team Rocket attack the school and get attacked back by the school and they run away after people throw poke balls at them! Gisele apoligizes to Joe for being so mean and they become friends..Joe has decided to become a trainer the old fashioned way..and Everyone is happy! The EnD! - Foxx252

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