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Cartoon Review

Pokemon Episode Number 8


Who's that Pokemon: Sandshrew

    This episode starts out with Ash using Pidgeotto to defeat a young trainers Rattata. It was his tenth win. After he wins, he shows the trainer his two badges, and starts bragging. Misty and Brock seem to get disgusted, because they know he didn't earn them.
    When the young trainer sees the badges, he says that Ash could maybe beat A.J. Ash says,"Who's A.J.?"
    The trainer points to the local gym and tells Ash that that A.J. is the local gym leader. Ash thinks that he can beat him, so he goes to challenge A.J. On his way there, he notices that it isn't an official gym. He thinks A.J. will be easy for him to beat. There is a sign in front of A.J.'s gym that says,"Wins: 98 Losses:0."
    Ash challenges A.J. The arena is outside and has dirt spread over it. A.J. accepts the challenge.
    Ash taunts A.J. and says,"Wow, 98 wins and no badges. I've only got ten wins, and I already have two badges."
    A.J. answers back by saying,"Either those are fake badges, or you competed in some really loser gyms."
    Misty and Brock are furious. They begin to
get red in the face. They want Ash to whoop A.J. big time.
    The match begins. A.J. says that he's gonna make Ash his ninety-ninth victory.
    Ash chooses Pidgeotto. A.J. chooses a Sandshrew. They begin to battle. Sandshrew comes at Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto flies into the air.
    Ash taunts A.J. again by saying,"Too bad Sandshrew can't fly!"
    But Sandshrew rolls up in a ball and flies at Pidgeotto, making Pidgeotto faint. Ash's Butterfree loses just as quick, and because Pikachu refuses to battle, A.J. gets his ninety-ninth win.
    Now Ash is complaining, saying that it was rigged. Meanwhile, we see Team Rocket hiding in the bushes, making fun or A.J.'s clothes. Meowth says that at least he doesn't look like he is trick-or-treating, like Jesse and James, and Jesse bonks him on the head. They consider stealing Sandshrew, but don't because it's too heavy. They decide to try for Pikachu again.
    Ash walks into the gym. He sees A.J. training his Pokemon very hard. A.J. even makes Sandshrew go off of a diving board into a pool. Ash tackles A.J., throwing them both into the pool. Ash says A.J. shouldn't make Sandshrew go in water because it weakens him. A.J. shows Ash that Sandshrew can swim. It's that strong. All the other Pokemon are busy training. A.J. has three Rattatas, a Beedrill, a Butterfree, and of course, Sandshrew. A.J. lets his Pokemon have a ten minute break from training, so he can show Brock what kind of food he gives his Pokemon. Meanwhile, Pikachu gets stuck in one of these strenghth intensifier vests that A.J. makes his Pokemon wear.
   T.R. sneaks in inside a giant ball. They feel around for Pikachu, but accidntally steal Sandshrew. When A.J. comes back he helps Pikachu get out of the vest. But where's Sandshrew? A.J. goes crazy, and there is a few flashbacks of A.J. training Sandshrew, and saying that it was his first Pokemon. T.R. returns, realizing their mistake. They recite their motto, and A.J. challenges them because they said they didn't want A.J.'s second-rate Sandshrew. They give Sandshrew back.
    A.J. challenges them to a battle by saying," Team Rocket has insulted our gym. We'll answer them with our one-hundreth win!"
    He easily defeats T.R. making them blast off. He gets his one-hundreth win and celebrates. "Now we can go for our badges!" he tells Sandshrew.
    The episode ends as Ash and A.J. go their seperate ways.
    Misty says,"Well Ash, it looks like you got a new rival."
    "I hope to see you again one day, at Pokemon League," says Ash.
    To Be Continued...

I give it three out of four stars. It was a good episode, but got boring halfway through for me. I liked it however.

Charles Bond

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