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Cartoon Review

Pokemon Episode Number 7


Episode 7 - Water Flowers of Cerulean City

Ash starts off talking to Brock.  Misty approaches huffing and puffing.  Pikachu is very happy about this. Misty says, "Where do you think your going?!". Ash says, "Cerulean City, to earn the cascade badge". Misty tries her best to change Ash's mind, but can't.

When Ash and Brock get to Cerulean City, Brock tells Ash where the gym is. Then Brock leaves not telling where he is going. Ash gets to a gym that has three girls doing a synchronized swimming event. A ton of people are here watching this. Pikachu replies, PIKA! Chyuu! Ash goes to the basement. He sees an aquarium. "Pikachu? this couldn't be a Pokemon Gym" Ash says. The three lovely girls come around the corner chatting about the diving and and their "HAIR". it's at this time you find out the girls are valley girls. Ash talks to them and finds out that they are the gym leaders! When he challenges them you find out that Gary has been there and beat all of their Pokemon Bad.

All that they have is a Goldeen, A fish type Pokemon, and the only move that they can do is it's "horn attack". They call on their pet Pokemon, A seel, and get A cascade badge out of his mouth. They say just take this. When Ash tries Misty appears. It is at this time that you find out that the three girls are sisters and Misty is the fourth sister.  Misty gets the third degree about saying before she left she would become a great Pokemon master. She challenges Ash and pulls a Staryu.  Ash tries to use Pikachu but Pikachu loves Misty and so he won't go. So Ash pulls a Butterfree. Misty ends up beating Butterfree by pulling it in the water.  Ash calls it back and Throws a Pidgeotto and Misty calls on her Starmie. 

Ash is winning when Team Rocket breaks in and sucks up all the water.  Ash loses Pikachu in the flood and seel gets taken. Pikachu does a Thunderbolt attack and shock the heck out of Team Rocket. Team Rocket "Blasts off Again". The three sisters give Ash the badge saying that Ash earned it. When Misty asks why she didn't get one the sisters say that if Ash had used Pikachu from the start she would have lost. With a good bye Ash, Misty, and Brock head out. Ash now has two badges pinned to his vest. 

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