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Cartoon Review

Pokemon Episode Number 6


Clefairy and The Moonstone #6 

Who's that Pokemon?  Clefairy
After winning the boulder badge from the Pewter City gym, Ash and Misty are now joined by Brock.  They are travelling toward Mt. Moon.  Legend has it that a meteor crashed into the mountain many years ago, and left a mysterious rock called the Moon Stone.  All of a sudden the gang hears some screaming.  They see zubats attacking someone.  Of course, Ash pulls out the Pokedex to get information, but Misty screams they must help.  Pikachu thundershocks the zubats back to their cave.  The man gets up and gives Ash and Pikachu a big hug.  Pikachu doesn't like it and shocks everyone.  The man, don't call him "mister", is Seymour the Scientist.  He spouts poetry about how good it is to be alive after the attack.  He says he is at Mount Moon to investigate the moon stone.  He believes Pokemon came from outer space and the spaceship was the meteor.
They all go in the cave, which has light strung all over.  It is confusing the Pokemon that live there.  Seymour says some troublemakers have put up the lights and are after the moon stone.  It supposedly can increase a Pokemon's power.  At that point, a Clefairy jumps out with something in its hand.  Ash wants to capture it, but Seymour says he can't.  All of a sudden, we see Meowth's shadow, which frightens the Clefairy.  Then Team Rocket appears, using a pick axe and shovel in their theme routine.  Seymour says "They sure are showoffs" and the gang argues with Team Rocket.  Out comes Koffing and Ekans...and Butterfree and Brock throws a Poke ball. He has a Zubat that he captured earlier.  Butterfree and Zubat double team and defeat Team Rocket.  However, Meowth escapes.  Meanwhile, the Clefairy skips out of the cave with Misty and Seymour right behind.  They try to help it, but it ends up knocking all of them in the water, Meowth included.  Misty counters with Staru, who fills Meowth up with water.  He literally blasts off..
The gang is resting at sunset.  Pikachu and Clefairy start talking and become friends.  They have something they want to show everyone.  They enter a cave that has the sparkling moonstone.  The Clefairy lays a fragment at the base and all the Clefairy come out and start singing and dancing around the stone.  Pikachu and Clefairy talk and the gang tries to interpret what they say..very funny scene..especially when Ash thinks they are saying the Clefairy collect rocks and do the Macarena!
Of course, Team Rocket spoils the fun.  A terrified Seymor tries to save the moon stone, but he trips on Meowth's foot and loses his glasses.  Out come Ekans and Koffing.  Ash and Brock use Pikachu and Onix, but Koffing's smokescreen blocks everyone's view.  When the smoke clears, the stone is gone.  Team Rocket has the stone tied to a sled, but Onix manages to make them crash the sled.  Seymour and Clefairy pop out of a hole in the ground.  The Clefairy begin waving their fingers and singing "clefairy".  It is the metronome attack.  There is a big explosion with clefairy, moon stone, and Team Rocket blasting into the air.  As the moon stone pieces float down, they land on some Clefairy who evolve into Clefable.  The Clefairy and Clefable sing and jump around happily.  Seymour decides he wants to live with the Clefairy and travel with them to outer space.
Our friends leave on their way to Cerulean City.  They see a sign.  It says "Gary was here.  Ash is a loser."  Ash goes ballistic and runs on to Cerulean City.
by Pokemomma

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