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Cartoon Review

Pokemon Episode Number 5


Showdown in Pewter City
  Ash finally exits Viridian Forest and sits down to rest, looking at
Pewter City. He then encounters a cryptic old man, talking about stone.
Ash leaves him and heads for the Pokemon center.
  His Pokemon healed, Ash decides to try for the Pokemon regional
tournament, but discovers he needs to collect eight Badges from the Gym
Leaders around the world. Misty offers to help, but Ash refuses and she
doesn't talk to him for the rest of the episode.
  Ash heads to the Pewter City Gym and challenges Brock to a duel.
However, Brock's Onix easily defeats Pikachu. Ash leaves, but runs into
the old man again. He takes Ash to see Brock's family, of which he has
10 little brothers/sisters. The old man then takes him to a windmill to
supercharge Pikachu. With Pikachu powered up, he heads back to defeat
  Brock sends out a Geodude, which beats Ash's Pidgeotto easily.
However, Ash's Pikachu torches the Geodude. Brock then sends out Onix.
As they battle, Pikachu accidentally starts a fire, which starts the
sprinkler system going. Onix becomes weak, but Ash leaves and says that
is will be an unfair victory.
  Ash leaves Pewter City, but Bock chases him down and gives him the
Boulder Badge. The old man steps onto the scene and reveals himself as
Brock's long lost father. He tells Brock to go with Ash and says he will
take care of the family. Ash and Brock leave, followed by Misty.



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