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Cartoon Review
#47 -Who Get's to Keep Togepi

Episode 47- 
"who gets to keep Togepi?"

Well, Brock, Ash and Misty are getting quite impaitent for that egg to
hatch, unfortunately, so are Team Rocket.As usall, the three meet up
with the rockets who happen to finally do something usefull to
them:steal the egg!!! after a night, meowth got obsssed with the stupid
egg and even slept with it!!the next day, Ash had a battle with team
rocket to see who get =s to keep the pokemon (which had hatched into a
new species, Togepi!!!!!!!!!!!) ash used pikachu, and meowth decided to
battle to get the egg pokemon, and team rocket let him, so the battle
was pikachu vs. mewth!!!!! finally, the battle we've been waiting for!!
Of course Pikachu won and the gang got to keep togepi, who seemed to
like misty and pikachu the best.So now th e three set their sights on
cinnabar island... to be continued

I recently saw this and it had become one of my faves so here we go. 
It all stars off with Ash and Co. getting a message from Professor Oak. The 
call him and he asks how Ash is doing, he then gets attacked by Muk. It turns 
out that Muk isn't easy to take care of. Oak brakes free of Muk and tells Ash 
that there is a pokedex upgrade. Ash is keen to upgrade his dex and he places 
it in a slot on the phone. After two secs its ready. Oak then tells ash to go 
and catch more pokemon and get more badges.
Cut to title
The next thing we see is Ash and Co. discussing which gym to go to next. 
Brock is polishing the egg, we have a brief flash back to Attack Of The 
Prehistoric Pokemon and Brock then says that he has been taking care of it 
ever since, he even sleeps with the egg to keep it warm. Misty is a bit 
confused by this but Ash asks what pokemon the egg will be. Brock doesn't 
know. Misty goes all starry eyed over it could be a tentacruel, Ash thinks it 
could be a aerodactyl and we see another flash back of Attack Of The 
Prehistoric Pokemon, the part where Ash was almost eaten. Brock says it could 
be a golem, Misty says a lapras. They all agree that what ever it is they 
will love it just the same. Team Rocket are listening in the back ground 
dressed as waiters. James says that the egg will be a dragonair, Jesse says 
an aerodactyl. Meowth says that they better steal the egg. James says that 
they haven't even court Pikachu and they have a proud tradition of failure to 
uphold. Jesse kicks him and then formulates a plan with Meowth while James 
says that he can break tradition.
Ash and Co. are out side when Team Rocket turn up dressed as peasant girls 
and do the cancan (I know this is weird but it gets worse). They then try to 
sell Ash one of the fake eggs they have (they're pretending that they are egg 
sellers) Brock tells them they already have one and shows it to them. Jesse 
and James chuck the eggs at them and Brock drops the egg. Team Rocket then do 
the motto but realise half way through that no one is listening as they are 
looking for the egg. Meowth turns up with the egg and then Team Rocket, being 
completely brave and ready for battel, do a runner.
They have chosen a small cabin in the woods as their temporally hideout and 
talk about the egg. James thinks they're going to cook it, until Meowth hits 
him. Meowth says he will hatch the egg by himself. Next is Meowth holding the 
egg through dinner, giving it a bath, telling it a story, and going to sleep 
with it. The whole time he talks to it, you know "Now my little eggy weggy," 
"Time to go sleep sleep." , etc. 
Next morning Ash and co, who have been following the trail of eggs that Team 
Rocket left behind, find the cabin and see Team Rocket having breakfast. 
Meowth has become even worse "My little eggy-poo," What? James come over and 
saves us by giving Meowth a plate of scrambled eggs, Meowth hits him. Ash and 
Co. agree that that's their egg and attack, Ash with pidgeotto, Brock with 
geodude and Misty with staryu. Psyduck comes out first but gets hit with 
Misty's bag, I think it got the hint. They crash in and attack, pidgeotto 
gets the egg. Team Rocket then attack with their own pokemon, what happens 
next is more like a game of catch so: weezing lets of a smoke screen attack 
and its arbok going for Ash. Ash drops to the floor and gets scratched by 
Meowth. Its Meowth in possession and, he's lost the egg! Misty going to catch 
it, but Jesse grabs it instead. She's tackled by staryu, its Brock with the 
egg! Oh good tackle by weezing, now its James with the egg, he's tackled by 
geodude. Now its Ash again, he's tackled by Meowth, Ash orders a gust attack 
from pidgeotto to clear the smoke. Meowth slips and the egg's gone flying! 
Back to the story.
Misty yells for someone to catch it or it will brake. Ash goes to catch it, 
and.....he misses it. As the smoke clears we expect to see the broken body of 
a baby pokemon, what we see is the egg safe and sound being held by Pikachu! 
Ash thanks Pikachu and takes the egg back, then he says that something is 
moving inside it. The egg has begun to glow. As the egg is about to hatch 
Misty pushes in for a better look, Ash lets go of the egg and Misty catches 
it, the egg hatches. Out comes a bran new pokemon, Togepi! It looks at Misty 
and smiles. "We're so lucky!" says Misty as Ash, Brock and Pikachu crowd 
round for a better look. Team Rocket do to, until they remember that they 
were fighting. Pikachu shocks them silly and Ash and Co. make a run for it 
with Togepi. They go to the park where Misty plays with Togepi and keeps 
saying how cute it is. Ash wants to know what kind of pokemon it is, then he 
remembers the upgrade. "Togepi, the egg pokemon. Pacific information about 
this pokemon is still unavailable." Misty says that even it's name sounds 
cute Ash and Brock agree. Brock picks Togepi up and pulls a silly face, 
Togepi just looks puzzled. Ash then spoils the mood by asking which of them 
should keep Togepi. Brock says he should since he mothered it, Ash says he 
should because he found it and he only let Brock watch it for a while. Misty 
says Togepi likes her best so she should keep it. Ash says that she never 
took care of it and Brock says that he took care of it. Meowth turns up and 
says that he took care of it more than all of them put together. Team rocket 
then describe how Meowth took care of Togepi. Ash says that the only way to 
sort this out is to have a pokemon battle. The strongest trainer, who can 
give Togepi the best care, will keep Togepi. Meowth gets Jesse and James 
chucked out of the contest by claming that they never cared for Togepi. They 
agree to have a sudden death match by using one pokemon each. While their 
deciding on which pokemon to use Meowth remembers that he doesn't have a 
pokemon to battel with. He begs Jesse and James for one of their pokemon and, 
being his friends, they give him a straight answer "No a chance!". Meowth 
begins to panic, until he remembers he is a pokemon and can battel for 
Round one is Meowth Vs. Brock. Brock using onix, Meowth using Meowth. The 
match begins and Meowth stars loosing very badly. The he spots a couple of 
buckets filled with water for putting out fire. Brock calls to Meowth to quit 
while he's ahead, Meowth chucks the water at onix and finishes it off with 
fury swipes. Onix faints and Meowth wins!?!
Next is Misty Vs. Ash. Ash with bulbasaur, Misty with Psyduck?!? Psyduck 
popped out of its ball and Misty couldn't change pokemon as it was agents the 
rules. The match finishes as soon as it begins with bulbasaur tickling 
Psyduck into submission. Psyduck returns to its pokeball and Ash wins, Misty 
never had a chance.
Final battel is Ash Vs. Meowth. Ash using Pikachu and Meowth using Meowth. As 
they stare each other down Meowth sees Togepi and recalls how he took care of 
it. The match begins! Meowth orders fury swipes, as he turns around a tail 
shaped like a lightening bolt it place agents his gold charm. 
Meowth is down with the worst pun of the episode "I lost so fast I'm a little 
shocked." As Ash and Pikachu jump for joy, Jesse and James drag Meowth away 
full of sadness as they have lost yet another Pokemon. Meowth whispers 
goodbye to Togepi as he it taken away.
Ash comes up to Togepi smiling and saying how Togepi is his now. He holds out 
his hand and Togepi doesn't react at all. Ash can't understand what's wrong. 
Brock tries and gets the same reaction. "I told you but you didn't want to 
believe me." Says Misty. Togepi looks round and smiles at Misty. "Look it 
doesn't want to come to anyone else but me now." Says Misty as Togepi gets up 
and runs to her. Ash and Brock look to the pokedex for the answer. "Togepi is 
imprinted with the first thing it sees after it hatches thinking that this is 
its mother." And the first thing this one saw was Misty. Misty smiles as 
Togepi follows her, she picks it up and asks Pikachu to help her take care of 
Togepi. As Misty plays with her new pokemon Ash and Brock look depressed as 
the could have won a million battles and Misty would still got Togepi.

Over all this was a good episode. Not only did someone catch a pokemon, a 
rarity in the cartoon, we got to met one of the bran new 151 pokemon that are 
coming in gold and silver. Apart from the bad jokes a good episode and well 
worth the watching.

Episode: 47

Who gets to keep togepi?

Review wirtten by Jiggly'n'chips

It starts off with Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu going to a pokemon centre. Joy tells them that there is a message for Ash. It is Professor Oak. He tells Ash to ring him. Ash rings Oak on the computer and Ash’s Muk is there. Oak tells them about the new pokedex upgrade. Ash puts his pokedex in the computer and it gets upgraded. They are in a café and decide to head to Cinnabar Island for their next badge. Brock has been nursing the egg a lot. He has been sleeping with it and keeping it warm. They start to talk about what’s in the egg. Misty say’s it might be a tentacruel! Ash hopes it isn’t an Aerodactyl, but Brock wants it to be a golem. Misty says she wants it to be a lapras. Team Rocket is disguised as Waiters etc. and they overhear their conversation. James wants it to be a dragonair and Jesse wants it to be an Aerodactyl. They make a plan to steal it. Ash, Misty and Brock leave the café and they meet two egg sellers. (Who are obviously Team Rocket in disguise.) They have lots of eggs that all look a bit like Brock’s egg. They pester Brock so he shows them the egg. Then Team Rocket throw all the eggs at them and Meowth snatches the real egg without them noticing. Team Rocket gets rid of their disguises and start their motto but then they realise that Ash, Misty and Brock aren’t listening, they are picking up the eggs trying to find the real one. Meowth appears and shows them the real egg. Then Team Rocket runs off quickly. At their house they are talking about their success. James says he wants to eat it so Meowth hits him and says they are going to hatch it. Meowth says he’s going to keep it warm so he lies on it. Then he holds the egg while he is eating, he even keeps it warm when he’s sleeping! Meowth even puts the egg in a Sauna. He gives it baths and tells it stories. Jesse and James aren’t impressed.

Meanwhile Ash and co. are following a trail of fake eggs and they reach Team Rockets house. They look through the window and see Meowth cleaning the egg, Jesse eating and James cooking. James gives Meowth scrambled eggs and he gets hit again. Ash sends his Pidgeotto in through the window. Brock sends Geodude and Misty sends… Psyduck!? She quickly puts it away and sends Staryu instead. Pidgeotto snatches the egg while Jesse and James are distracted by Staryu and Geodude. Pidgeotto gives the egg to Ash but Meowth stands up and tells J&J to send their pokemon. Arbok and Weezing appear and Weezing uses smog attack so nobody can see. Arbok attacks Ash. He ducks, but Meowth appears and slashes his face! Meowth snatches the egg but Geodude tackles him. Misty is about to catch it but Jesse jumps in front of her and catches it. Staryu crashes into Jesse and she drops the egg. Ash catches it but Weezing bangs into him so he drops it. James catches it but then Geodude bashes into him. Brock gets it then Arbok bashes into him! Meowth leaps up and catches it. Ash gets Pidgeotto to gust the smog away. Meowth sends the egg flying into the air and Ash tries to catch it. Ash misses, but the egg doesn’t break because…

Pikachu caught it!

Ash takes it from Pikachu and it starts to hatch.

ADVERTS. Who’s that pokemon? Aerodactyl!

Misty grabs the egg as the new pokemon hatches. It sees Misty straight away and it seems to like her.

Team Rocket comes over and say how glad they are that Pikachu had caught it. Then they realise what they are doing and sent Arbok and Weezing to attack. Ash sends Pikachu and Pikachu thunderbolts them. Ash & co. run off quickly.

They rest on a bench and Ash uses his new pokedex to identify the new pokemon. It’s togepi. They all have an argument about who should keep it. Ash says he should because he found it. Brock says he should because he nursed it. Misty says she should because it likes her best. Team Rocket reappears and Meowth says he should have it because he raised it the most. Ash decides they will have a pokemon tournament to see who gets to keep it. Meowth says J&J aren’t allowed to take part because they didn’t help raise it. Jesse and James get insulted and go and sit on the steps. First to fight is Brock v. Meowth!

Meowth realises he has no pokemon and asks J&J to help him. They are in a bad mood and refuse. Brock uses onix! Meowth tries all his attacks but none of them work because onix is so strong. It’s quite funny, with Meowth pretending to be the trainer and the pokemon at the same time. He has nearly lost when he remembers that onix is weak against water. Meowth finds two buckets of water and throws them at onix, and quickly fury swipes onix. 

Meowth wins. (How?)

Next is Ash and Misty. They are only allowed one pokemon and Psyduck comes out by accident. Ash uses bulbasaur. Misty tells bulbasaur to go for psyducks head so it can use its most powerful attacks. Ash isn’t fooled so he gets bulbasaur to actually lick its head, and then tickle it.

Psyduck loses so Ash is up against Meowth!

Ash uses Pikachu.

Meowth uses fury swipes attack on Pikachu. Before he can, Pikachu electrocutes Meowth and Meowth loses. Jesse and James drag Meowth away sadly. Ash is about to take togepi but togepi doesn’t look very happy about that. Brock tries to cheer it up but togepi is still sad.

Misty talks to it and it goes to Misty. Ash uses the pokedex and it says that togepi think that the first thing it sees is its mother. It thinks Misty is its Mother! Misty and Pikachu agree to look after togepi. Now, Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu and Togepi head for Cinnabar Island and the volcano badge.

Out of 10 I would give this episode 7˝. I think it’s great that Misty got Togepi but wouldn’t it be good if Meowth had a pokemon? Maybe he will, one day. 

- B Hutt


Here’s my review for the episode “Who Gets to Keep Togepi?”
Note - I’m a Meowth lova, so, NYA!!!!!  ^_^
It starts out with Ash-tachi (tachi means group, so Ash-tachi = Ash group!  
Got it?  I use a bunch of Japanese, so if you don’t recognize a word, that’s
why.)  and they’re at a restaurant, and Misty’s getting all disgusted because
Brock says that he sleeps with the egg that Ash found in Grandpa Canyon
(Ah-Ha!  See?  She DIDN’T like Togepi when it was an egg!  >P)  And then we
see Team Rocket dressed up so they don’t notice them, and they decide they
want to steal the egg because it may have a rare Pokemon in it.  So when
Ash-tachi comes out of the restaurant, they are met up with Team Rocket in
disguise as egg sellers.  They throw the eggs at them and then snatch their
egg.  They run off, but leave a trail of eggs behind them for Ash-tachi to
Okay, then.  We soon see the wonderful Team Rocket (well, I think they’re
wonderful!  n.n ) are in a cabin.  They’re all wondering what to do with the
egg.  James wants to eat it, but Meowth gets angry at him, and takes the egg,
and says “I will warm it with my body!”  And then, kawaii little Meowth
starts to take care of the egg, its so sweet!  >^.^<  He washed it and went
in the hot tub with it and ate with it and slept with it, oh!  Meowth is such
a wonderful parent!  Meowth’s da best!  =(^_^)=  Anywayz, Ash-tachi finds
Team Rocket’s cabin and then what happens?  A battle, duh.  They’re all
fightin over the egg and punchin each other to get the other guy to drop it,
and then the egg goes up into the air and it looks like it’s gonna fall and
crack, but then Pikachu gets it.  (Yay!  I like Pikachu too, but he’s “Not as
cute as Meowth!”)  Pikachu gives it to PikaPi (that’s Ash, if ya didn’t know
already)  And then the egg starts moving!  Yay, it’s gonna hatch!  Bum bum
<Commercial Break! ^^; >
Yah, anywayz ... Bum bum bum!  It’s about to hatch, and then what does ol’
Misty do?  Pushes Ash aside and sticks her nose right in the hatching
Pokemon’s face!  So, when it hatches, it sees Misty first.  Oh, now tell me
that ain’t right. ><
Anyway, it hatches, and it’s a kawaii chibi Togepi!  Then Ash-tachi runs off
with it, and then when they stop, Ash uses his PokeDex to see what it is.  It
says it’s a Togepi (but I already told you that) and they start talking about
how its cute and stuff, then Team Rocket comes along.  Meowth demands to have
his Togepi back, because, of course, it is his!  Jessie and James try to back
him up by acting all emotional, and then Ash says that they can only solve
this with a Pokemon battle (naturally -_-)  So they get in this arena and
they decide how the battle’s gonna work.  Meowth tells Jess and Jim that they
shouldn’t get into the battle because he wants to fight for his child on his
own (AWWWWWWWWWWWWWE!!!)  Jessie and James are kinda mad, so they just sit
down and watch.
K, first battle!  The cute one versus Brock!  ^_^
Meowth gets a little nervous at first because he realizes that he doesn’t
have any Pokemon, but then he remembers that he is a Pokemon!  (Awe!  He’s so
cute when he acts baka!)  So, Brock choose Onix, which has a resistance to
Meowth’s scratch attacks.  But no fear!  Meowth grabs some buckets of water,
and pours em all on Onix, and defeats it!  (Yay!  Go Cutie!  Beat that thing!
Okay, next battle is Ash against Misty.  Ash takes out Bulbasaur, and then
Misty calls out either Staryu or Starmie, one of the two, but of course,
Psyduck comes out instead.  She’s all mad and stuff, but she’s gotta keep
Psyduck out.  Bulbasaur does the “Tickle Attack” which I guess makes
Psyduck’s headache better so it can’t attack, and Misty loses.  (HA!  You
lost!  Go away now!)
Then the final battle is Ash vs. Meowth.  Ash sends out Pikachu, and Meowth
sends out Meowth!  ^^;;  Meowth’s all ready to battle, until Pikachu uses
Meowth’s charm as a conductor ... ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That ain’t right!  
Electric types have no advantage over Normal, so that should be an illegal
Even so, Pikachu wins, and Jessie and James drag off a crying Meowth (I was
crying too!  ;_;)  and then Ash won Togepi.  But Togepi doesn’t like Ash, it
likes MISTY!  THE ONE WHO LEAST DESERVED IT!  So Misty gets it, just cuz she
stuck her ugly face in front of Togepi when it hatched. >(
Ok, sorry.  Just looking at all the other stuff that people had written about
this episode ... I thought it needed something from another point of view.

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