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Pokemon Episode Number 17.5

Episode No. 17.5: “Holiday at Acapulco”

THE PLOT Finding themselves on the beach at a beautiful resort town, Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Brock decide to rent a yacht and take a little R&R. Unfortunately for them, Team Rocket is lurking in a handmade, pedal-powered submarine right offshore. When the two craft accidentally sideswipe one another, both sides realize they’re going to have to come up with some cash to repair their trashed boats.

To payoff the damages, the elderly owner of the yacht  puts Ash and crew to work at his waterfront restaurant, while Team Rocket winds up at the fashionable Café Crone, run by a scary old woman. It turns out that Café Crone’s been luring customers away from the old man, so Ash decides to put his Pokémon to work at jazzing up the place. With Pikachu and Squirtle passing out discount coupons, Pidgeot fanning the barbecue, Charmander firing up the stove and Bulbasaur carrying drinks to the customers, the place can’t help but be a hit. Unfortunately, Ash is back to square one when Meowth starts disrupting business and the old lady demands repayment of an old debt.

Just when things are looking their worst, Professor Oak and Ash’s mother show up with great news: There’s going to be a “Suntanned Beauties and Pokémon Fashion Contest,” with top prize being more than enough dough to repair the yacht and payoff the of Café Crone. First up on stage are Misty and …Squirtle(?), but the real fun starts when James enters the show, dressed in a bikini and a sporting a huge pair of inflatable breasts. James plan doesn’t go so well, so Team Rocket launches a missile attack on the contest instead. Thinking fast, Ash throws down Pidgeot and Charmander, who use their powers to confuse the missile -

Which ends up tagging not only Jesse and James, but Café Crone as well.

WHY IT'S BANNED “these are too much for a 10-year old like you, “ purrs James suggestively as he fondles his bouncing chest in front of a little girl. “Nuff said.

by Mathew Alt



Pojo Note:  Here is a script translations we got from a fan.  It is very detailed and very cool!

Okay... here is the SCRIPT me (CelestialCelebiMale/Anonymousan) and Crystal Suicune translated into English of “Holiday At Acapulco” which was called Aopuruco no saijitsu in Japan (which better translates than Holiday At Acapulco as Acapulco’s Holiday but either way is fine). A few minutes have been cut out in between (Crystal Suicune is finishing that part) and I haven’t gotten the last five minutes because the episode won’t work on my wmp anymore :*-( unless
I redownload wmp and the episode (which I don’t remember the
website :-( ) but Note, the pics on this website aren’t the worst
that were in the episode! It was where they had the close up of Team
Rocket!!!!! Now! Let’s get on with it!

Who’s That PoKéMoN: Obaba (the mean-red-head-short-lady). She gets
stuff thrown at her but she dodges all but the bathtub!

Narrator: Last time on PoKéMoN... Ash and his PoKéMoN... had been
seperated in what seemed like a jungle. They were eventually reunited
and made their way out. Now, the jungles is behind them... and they
reach... Acapulco!

Ash: Aopuruco no Saijitsu (Holiday At Acapulco or better translated
as Acapulco’s Holiday)
(Hawaiian Music Plays)

Ash: The beach!

Ash and Brock take off clothes except for shorts

Pikachu, Brock, and Ash jump into the Ocean

Pikachu: Pika (in a laugh tune)!

Ash: Woohoo!

Brock and Ash: Ahh! (Happy way)

Ash: This is great.

Brock: Sure is.

Misty: Hi! Beach front idol, tomboy beach-bunny [Miss] Misty has

Brock, Ash, and Pikachu stare at Misty

Pikachu: Pika...

Misty: Why are you looking at me like that?

Ash: Misty, you actually look like a girl!

Misty: What is that supposed to mean?

Misty throws masterball in Ash’s face

Ash makes bubble sounds while he was hit into the water

Jesse and James appear in their Gyarados submarine and begin to say
their motto (it’s different from the English version!)

Jesse: To guard the universal destruction...

James: To keep the universal peace!

Jesse: We carry out an evil of love and truth.

James: Playing the lovely, charming villain’s part...

Jesse: Musashi (Miyomata Musashi was a famous samouri)

James: Kojiro (I don’t remember but something close to that spelling
is James in Japanese!)

Jesse: Rocket Group travels to any stars in the galaxy and...

James: A white hole - a white future is waiting for us.

Meowth: Right!

Jesse: Found it! Looks like the beach is filled with rich guests!

James: We’ll use this chance to get onto the beach and rob them! Then
we don’t have to be poor fools!

Meowth: Wow! With all that money we can do anything!

Jesse looks into the telescope thing and sees the “twerps” on a

Jesse: Eh... that’s...

Scene goes to Ash and Co. in a boat

Ash: I feel great now!

Misty: Ash, this is great! But where did you rent it?

Ash: I don’t know, Brock rented it.

Brock: Eh? Not me. Pikachu was the one who got on!

Misty: Then why did you tell me to get on this boat with you?

Pikachu: PIKA?

Ash: So I guess that means we boarded the wrong ship.

Pikachu: PIKACHU! *Looks ahead of them because TR’s sub is coming
right for them*

TR arrives in their sub…crashes with Ash’s boat.


TR’s sub starts spinning underwater and sinking.

Ash: SHOOT (it was originally the swear word form but that word
shouldn’t be on a child’s website)! I lost control of the ship! We’ll

Brock(I think): Look! Look!


All: Screams

Crashes into the Dock.

Ash (get’s up): Saved…

Ryuu: Hey, look what you did! (Runs up to them) You took my ship,
crashed it, and broke my dock!

(Ash quickly jumped behind Misty and shoves her forward.)

Ash: I’m truly sorry.

Ryuu (says with a smile across his face and said with awe): Ahhhhh,
such a pretty girl…

Misty: I’m so sorry, we’ll pay you in full for the damage.

(Ash is nervously laughing, still holding Misty’s shoulders.)

Ryuu: Really?

Misty: Wha? I mean by them… (Quickly jumps behind Brock, like Ash was
before and shoves Brock forward.)

TR is being washed up to the shore.

Meowth: that scared me to death!

(a few more minutes left between Meowth’s part and who’s that PoKéMoN)


STARTING AT the Who’s That PoKéMoN (which you already read about so
I’ll skip it):

before this part, Ash and Co. worked and helped for Ryuu after they
crashed his boat into his deck while Team Rocket helps Obaba

Ryuu, Ash, and Co. are talking in Ryuu’s resturant

Ryuu: Tomorrow’s the final day. But all the money we made today won’t
pay the rent... so I’ll have to give Obaba my boat. Wipes eyes

Misty: Mister...

Ash: Is the boat very important to you, sir?

Ryuu: The reason I am making this money is for this boat. I have a
dream to sail around the world. Stroking beard

Ash: Then you can’t give your boat to Obaba!

Ryuu: Huh?

Ash: You can’t just give up your dream! Look at me! I want to be a
PoKéMoN Master! That’s why I travel around with these guys! soft
music plays Sir, if you let go of your dream now, you’ll regret it.
You’ve went too far to give up!

Brock: Ash is right, you can’t give your boat to Obaba.

Ash: It’s just a money problem!

Misty: That’s right!

Ash’s PoKéMoN: says their names

Ryuu: Ash...

Ash: Don’t give up, sir! We’ll help you out!

Ryuu: But what are we going to do?

Ash and Co: Hmmm...

Prof. Oak’s voice comes in

Prof. Oak: Making Money will be a cinch!

Ash, co., and Ryuu: Hmm?

Professor Oak and Mrs. Ketchum come into the door

Professor Oak: Yo, Ash!

Ash: Professor Oak?

Ash: Eah (a mix of Ahh and ehh)!

Mrs. Ketchum: Ash, long time no see!

Ash: Momma?! Why are you here?

Professor Oak: I’ll explain later. Look here. shows Ash a magazine
It’s a bathing suit contest for girls and PoKéMoN.

Misty: For girls?

Brock: Bathing suit PoKéMoN contest?

Ash: This can make money?

Professor Oak: Where there are women, people will come. Then, the
place will get crowded and the guests will appear. You should have a
pretty girl with you and some PoKéMoN.

Misty: I’m a pretty girl, right?

Professor Oak nods

Professor Oak: If you guys put effort, customers are sure to appear.

Ash: Ok! It’s worth a shot!

Sort of a Hawaiian Rock Music plays

Pidgeot starts flying over head passing out papers about the

Pidgeot: Pidgeh! (repeating)

scene goes to the stadium

Brock: Okay, the Acopulco Beach bathing suit PoKéMoN contest will
begin! All women are invited to compete, please make lines in front.

Ash: We did it! Lots of people are coming!

Misty: Yeah!

Ryuu: I can finally pay my rent!

Obaba appears overhearing the conversation and chews on a round-
folled paper(s)

Mrs. Ketchum: In case you’re wondering, Professor Oak and I are here
on vacation.

Ash: So that’s why. You really surprised me!
Professor Oak: Since it’s been awhile, you should talk awhile.

Ash: I was planning to talk anyway.

Mrs. Ketchum: Have you been eating all your meals?

Ash: Nod Mmmhmm.

Mrs. Ketchum: Have you caused anyone any trouble?

Ash: Of course not. Remembers the boat crash Well that is...

Mrs. Ketchum: What is it?

Ryuu: Ash is a really good kid. He’s been such a great help at my
restaurant. He’ll be a great PoKéMoN Trainer.

Mrs. Ketchum: That’s great. Now I don’t have to worry.

Ash: Sir...

Ryuu nods

Brock (Announcer): Thanks for waiting. The Acapulco Beach bathing
suit and PoKéMoN Contest will begin! Right! Contestant number one

Doors open for Misty and the crowds cheer (gee! I didn’t know she
was beautiful at all!)

Misty: Hi everyone. I’ll definitly win.

Brock: This is very pretty... Misty! She’s a very special person.
What PoKéMoN will she use in her theme?

Squirtle and Starmie come out dressed up as a UFO Strange sounds
are heard

Brock: Oh, it’s the UFO theme! It features Starmie and Squirtle!

Squirtle spits out water over Misty for sparkles Crowd cheers

Jesse pushes Misty off the scene (this part is the scene which over
a hundred contries either edited or banned this episode!)

Jesse: Sorry, but we’re going to win.

Misty: James?! Aren’t you a boy?

James: What’s the matter when I’m this beautiful?

Jesse: Don’t waste our time, get lost.

James: Look. I can even get my chest bigger.

*James pulls something*

Inflatables get much bigger

James: Finished.*Raises arm and raps it around his head*

*Close up of Team Rocket is now shown where it sort of looks like the
bikini top of James is only covering the nipples (a big no no -
except they sometimes are naked in lots of anime shows in Japan!)*

Brock: Suddenly, two missess appear. But, will the judges think their
appearence is rude? Crowd cheers It’s perfectly fine! Everyone has
welcomed them!

Jesse: How’s That?

James: Grabs inflatables and waves them around while Misty begins to
cry Wait until you’re older when you have these.

Brock: They are... the Rocket Sisters looking at a card. But will
their PoKéMoN match their theme?

Ash: It’s them...

Creapy noises are heard as doors are opened to reveal...

Brock: This is the legendary Leviatham. Playing as the Leviatham is
Koffing and Ekans!

Gary kicks them off stage

Gary: A waste of time.

Ash: Ahhh! Gary!

Brock: These are the cheerleaders and girlfriends of PoKéMoN Trainer

Gary. Crowd cheers

Professor Oak: Gary coming to the beach too is a surprise.

Ash: My rival...

Gary: Takes Microphone I know you think I want to fight, Ash. But
that’s worth the time. Look how pretty my girlfriends are instead.

Cheerleaders: Go! Go! Gary! Win! Win! Gary!

Gary: Yeah! Thank you, thank you! Do you see Ash?

Ash: Stands up and Pikachu falls off his lap onto the ground You
Idiot (it doesn’t really say that but I decided that the real word
they say is too drastic so I took what he said in the English

Pikachu: Pikachu...

Brock: Great! Fantastic! Wow! Six girls, all so pretty! They could
just win this contest!

Misty (behind stage): He’s got lousy taste if he likes these girls...

Jesse: I’m more beautiful than all of them! He’s blind!

James: I’m sexier, too!

Obaba grabs Team Rocket and takes them back to her restaurant

Obaba: So, you guys are Team Rocket.

Team Rocket looks scared like Obaba is going to tell the police

Obaba: You’re Gyarados is already repaired. Use it, wreck the
contest, and the restaurant.

Team Rocket: Yes, y-yes!

They walk to the submarine

Obaba: I’ll pay you well if you do.

James: Please don’t worry! We’ll get this job done!

Jesse: Let us handle everything with our sub!

Meowth: Here we go!

Team Rocket runs inside the sub

Jesse: Launch (sounding like Obaba’s voice). What’s happened to my

Sub starts moving

Ash: Don’t be so stupid! You’re my PoKéMoN Trainer Rival! I want a

Gary: Sorry, I have to keep my girlfriends company.

Ash: You think you’ll lose!

Gary: No, I just think I shouldn’t waste my time with someone who
doesn’t have a chance.

Ash: What!?

Brock: Stop Ash! The contest isn’t over.

And after that there is about five more minutes of the show (and
that’s basically the same thing as “Beauty At the Beach” except in

For questions, comments, or concerns about the episode or the rest of
the episode, email goku11112@homestead.com
(CelestialCelebiMale/Anonymousan - if you’ve been to my website, ask
me and I will put this script on the website!) or growly2557@aol.com
(Crystal Suicune - newest member of my website, confirmed member


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