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Cartoon Review

Pokemon Episode Number 16


Episode 16 - Pokemon Shipwreck

Ok, this is a little description of the episode "Pokémon Shipwreck".
Ash and gang are still took in the sunken ship, but there is no water inside! The ship is only upside down. With the help of their Pokémon,they will find out that Team Rocket made a hole to escape but they couldn't so water flowed. Finally,they get out of the ship and go onto a safe platform.They think Jessie and James are dead so they push them in water. Then Meowth wake up and say his feelings about wet fur... "Help me,my fur is getting wiiiiideeeee!"
James take out his useless Magikarp and everyone wants to eat it, but Meowth find that it cannot even be ate! James is so angry that he kick him in water and evolves in Gyarados, which send them in a water spout with Dragon Rage...
                                       Cubone clinvet@ivic.qc.ca

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