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Cartoon Review

Pokemon Episode Number 14


At the beginning of this episode, ash, misty, and brock finally reach vermilion city.they see that pikachu is weak from hunger, so they bring him and all of ash’s pokemon 2 the pokemon center. while they r at the pokemon center they see a ratatta being rushed in. they r told that the ratatta was beaten by the gym leader, lt. surge.when pikachu is better, ash calls him and tells him they r going 2 go to lt. surge. pikachu starts to follow,but then a pidgey is rushed in who was also beaten by surge. 

pikachu and ash get into a fight because now pikachu doesnt want to fight surge, but they end up going anyway.so they go to the gym and when surge sees them he laughs and makes fun of them.ash asked why so surge showed ash his pokemon-a raichu.pikachu went into battle with raichu and got completely beaten up because raichus electrical attacks were much more powerful.back in the pokemon center, ash,misty and brock talk about how pikachu can win and they come up short. then nurse joy comes in and she has a thunderstone.she said ash could evolve pikachu so he can win.ash doesnt know what to do because he wants to win the badge but likes the way pikachu is now. he holds the thunderstone up to pikachu and asks him what he wants to do. pikachu stares at ash with wide eyes and then angrily kicks the stone away. he said he wants to beat raichu the way he is. then he goes back to sleep so he can finish recovering. 

in the waiting room, brock points out that surge said he evolved raichu as soon as he got it. he has an idea of how pikachu can win. so ash challenges surge again and the pokemon battle again. at first it looks like raichu is going to win again, but then when raichu starts to finish pikachu off with a body slam, pikachu jumps out of the way. ash tells pikachu to use agility.raichu kept trying to hit min but pikachu was too fast.what brock had realized was that if raichu evolved as soon as he was captured,then he never learned speed attacks only pikachu could.in the end, raichu ran out of electricity and was too slow for pikachu so pikachu won.


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