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Cartoon Review

Pokemon Episode Number 13


Who's that pokemon?  Krabby!

    It starts out as Ash bragging abut the 6 Pokémon he has.  But Misty says
he just got lucky.  The Ash goes onto the beach to see a Krabby.  He tries to
pet him, but it clamps onto his finger!  The Ash gets out a pokeball and
catches it, only to see it disappear in his hands!  But Misty and Brock say a
trainer can only have 6 pokemon with them at a time.  They run up to a large
lighthouse on a cliff by the shore to call Professor Oak about his Krabby. 
On the door of the strange lighthouse, there are pictures of rare pokemon,
like Areodactel and Scyther.  They go inside to hear a man tell them they can
use his Tele-(literally, a T.V.) phone.  He calls Oak to find out if his
Krabby is ok.  But Oak was eating and Ash thought he ate Krabby!  But,
however, it was safe in a jar on the table.  Ash went on on how he got a
Krabby, and Oak said his grandson, Gary, had caught a Krabby to, but 3 times
the size of his Krabby!  And he said Gary had over 40 pokemon!  When he hung
up, Ash and co. walkes around to see a big Kabuto!
    But the Kabuto says to push the small blue button under his arm, and out
comes Bill!  (Probably the same Bill in the TCG)  Bill says he studies
pokemon better as that pokemon!  So they all go up to the top of the
lighthouse, and Bill tells Ash about the strange noises he heard on night,
and thought it ment he was lonley and wanted a friend. 

    But of course, along comes Team Rocket, doing their little introduction
at the beach by the lighthouse, which gets really old!  They decide to climb
the cliff by the lighthouse, to sneak up.  But then they blurt out they are
afraid of heights!  So, the climb up the cliff, while Bill, Ash, and co. were
at the top of the lighthouse, calling for this mysterious and rare pokemon. 
Pretty soon, they see a gigantic shadow through the fog.  Which in turn looks
alot like the shadow of Dragonite.  Team Rocket stupidly decides to fire at
it.  It gets angry and swings it's tail at the lamp of the lighthouse, with
everyone dodgeing out in the nick of time.  They never get to see what the
pokemon is, but I think it is Dragonite.  Then the pokemons tail hit team
rocket halfway up the cliff, and they go soaring into the ocean!  (Funny
To be continued.
41/2 stars!


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