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Cartoon Review

Pokemon Episode Number 12


Episode 12 - Here comes the Squirtle Squad

Ash is skipping down the path after catching his Charmander.  All of a sudden
Ash and Co. fall into a pit that was set by squirtles.  They climb out of the
pit and Pikachu tries to zap the head Squirtle.  Another one jumps in front
and faints.  The head of the Squirtle Squad and Pikachu growl at each other,
like in a Western movie.  Sirens are heard in the distance and all the
Squirtles run off.  Officer Jenny pulls up and explains that the Squirtle
squad is a pokemon gang that terrorizes the town.  Ash feels bad for all the
squirtles and wants to catch one.  Meanwhile, the squirtles catch Team
Rocket, but Meowth convinces them that they would be well rewarded if they
helped to catch Pikachu.  Eventually the Squirtles agree and one of them
water guns Pikachu into the river where a Goldeen hurts him real bad.  So
when the Meowth has everyone tied up, Ash convinced the Squirtle Squad to let
him get a Super Potion cuz Pika was in real bad shape.  He ran there, bought
one and got a lift back via Officer Jenny.  They gave the Super Potion to
Pikachu who was in Misty's arms and somehow when Team Rocket came down to get
Meowth, he had Pikachu.  So they flew off with Pikachu and started throwing
bombs at the Squirtles and Ash, Misty and Brock.  they run for cover but when
the lead Squirtle falls down, Ash saves him.  Squirtle water guns a hole
through the balloon so Ash gets Pikachu back.  Then the Squirtles put out the
fire that was caused by the bombs and became the town firefighters.  As Ash
and Friends walked off down the path they were followed by the lead Squirtle,
who through Ash's courage and kindness decided to join the group.


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