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Cartoon Review
#4 Challenge of the Samurai

Ash, Misty, and Pikachu are in Viridian Forest when Ash sees a weedle. He weakens it with Pidgeotto and is about to catch it when a boy dressed in weird armor (Samuri) "attacks" them. He says that he's a trainer and Ash decides to have a battle with him. Ash's Pidgeotto goes against the Samuri's Pinsir. Pidgeotto is weak from the last battle so it loses. Ash sends out Metapod and strangely with harden, it beats Pinsir. Samuri sends out a Metapod and suddenly, there's a problem. They can't do anything, except harden, which does no damage. Misty and Pikachu get a little perturbed. Ash and Samuri still keep their pokemon out for a while. Suddenly, Beedrill attack and steal Metapod. Ash tries to call it back, but he can't. Ash, Samuri, Misty, and Pikachu start running for their lives. They have a long chase and soon they find a ramshackle house for shelter. Samuri bugs Ash about being an undevoted trainer and Ash keeps on saying that it was a mistake. Samuri says that all the other pallet town trainers were better and Ash feels depressed. 
In the night, Ash thinks about what Samuri said and goes to get his Metapod. It is laying on the trunk of a tree where Beedrill are sleeping on the branches of. Ash makes it past, but Metapod doesn't want to return to Ash. Ash then says one of his great, emotional speeches about how he's going to be a better trainer. (Yeah right) It works and Metapod says okay. Suddenly, a Beedrill wakes up and is about to hit Ash when Metapod hits it. It evolves into a Butterfree. Butterfree uses sleep powder and Beedrill is out cold. Ash returns and Samuri says that he's such a good trainer for getting back Metapod/Butterfree. Samuri says that he wants to be like Ash, a "good" trainer. They part and that's the end. 

This episode isn't very fun, and here is are some reasons why: First of all, Samuri's accent is very annoying (no offense) and his clothes are disturbing. (Again, no offense) The Metapod vs. Metapod scene is one of the dullest scene of pokemon history. Most of the episode is a chase, Samuri critizing Ash, Ash thinking about Samuri's critizing, or the Metapod vs. Metapod. Pikachu rarely appears. (That's for you Pikachu lovers) Misty rarely appears. (I don't know if anyone's favorite character is Misty, but that for you Misty fans) Bisacally the only good things are Metapod evolving, and Beedrill coming out a Kakuna. 

I rate it 3 out of 10. - Chris 


2nd Review

As Ash continues on his journey through the Viridian Forest, he chances upon a Weedle. He immediately sets out to capture it by sending out Pidgeotto to battle it. After weakening it, Ash is about to try and capture it when a strange boy interrupts him and challenges him to a Pokemon battle. Ash doesn’t notice the Weedle getting away until it is too late. Ash decides to accept the challenge and sends out Pidgeotto. Unfortunately, Pidgeotto is too tired from the battle with Weedle to be of much help. Next, Ash sends out Metapod, and the Samurai sends out a Pinsir. Pinsir is unable to crush the Metapod because of its hard shell, so the Samurai calls back Pinsir and sends out his own Metapod.

The result of this battle is predictable. Since all the Metapod know is Harden, they sit in the sun for hours while Misty and Pikachu take sunbaths. Eventually, a horde of Beedrill attack the group and steal Ash’s Metapod. The group gets away, but Ash feels like a loser Pokemon trainer for allowing the Beedrill to steal his Metapod. The group takes shelter in the Samurai’s home, and in the morning, Ash tries to steal back Metapod. Unfortunately, Metapod is surrounded by Beedrill and Kakuna, which wake up when Team Rocket insists on shouting their theme as loud as ever. Ash manages to make it past the Beedrill and retrieve Metapod.

Team Rocket is not so lucky. As Ash is about to get stung by a Beedrill, Metapod gets in the way and stops it. This prompts Metapod to evolve into Butterfree. Butterfree immediately uses Sleep Powder on the Beedrill. The group bids farewell to the Samurai, and goes on to Pewter City.

- Anonymous

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