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A RUIN WITH A VIEW - Episode 276

Ash has found a new friend May and both are on their way to Oldale Town to register for the Hoenn League.Ash slows down for May.Seeing Pikachu with Ash,May tells him that she thought that Pokemon were meant to be in a Pokeball.Ash tells that they Pokeman could be in the Pokeball but he and Pikachu were great friends.Then she asks Ash she doesnt know what kind of Pokemon her Torchic is Ash tells her to check it on her Pokedex.May thanks him and checks it on her Pokedex and finds all its attacks.Then she sees an Azurrill and says that she'll capture it.Then she throws an empty Pokeball at her before ash could stop her.Then,Azurril comes out of the Pokeball..MAy asks Ash why it came out he tells her that she should first weaken it using another Pokemon and May sends Torchic but Azurill jumps on it tail and Torchic follows.And gets injured May has forgotten all the attacks of Torchic too.Then it uses some attack at the bushes and goes forward to find an enraged Azumarril,Marrill and Azurrill they use water gun at Torchic and injure it.Ash tells her that they should take it to the Pokeman Center.

While going to the Center they see ruins and then a person asks them why they are ina hurry Ash tells him that they have to raech the center.He shows them the Center and then Ash asks what the ruins where he tells them that they were The Oldale Ruins.There May gives her pokeball and Nurse Joy tells her that her Torchic was fine.T.r phone the boss who tells them that since there was no branch for the t.r there the three should open one there.May tells Ash to show him the Pokemon Center.Ash tells her that he first had to contact someone and calls Prof.Oak and then even May speaks to him telling that her brother is a huge fan of him and that she was going to tell him that she met Prof.Oak.prof Oak tells wishes her good luck and tells her that with Ash to help her she'll be a good trainer.Then,Ash shows her all the places.

Then Ash hears a few trainers talking about the Petalburg's new Gym Leader ash is about to ask them who the person was abut then May drags him away and tells him that she's hungry and May is amazed by all the facilities at the Pokemon Center.Then the same man comes up again (who they saw at the ruins.)He tells them that he is Prof.Alden and that he was doing a research on the ruins and tells them that the ruins held a secret a bridge between the past pokemon and the present and many ancient pokemon which hadnt changed yet.He shows Ash a an engraving and tells them that he found out how to open the ruins Ash tells him to then enter it but he tells them that he needed four keys to enter.Meanwhile a team seems to be spying on the Prof.They then switch of the electricity.and enter.They seem to have very fierce Houndours then Nurse Joy enters the room and they capture her and force the Prof. out of the Center.

Then they lock May,Ash and Joy and then Ash is determined to to get out of the room and help the Prof.Then Nurse Joy gets worried about the other Pokemon as the Electricity isnt there may is horrified that even her torchic is suffering then,Pikachu finds an air shaft and Ash goes through it May follows too.Then they come to to seperation and dont know where to go Pikachu uses its ears and finds the end.Ash takes the Master key to free Joy and May puts on the Reserve electrcity and then free nurse joy.Back to the Prof.team magma(the crooks) see t.r coming through and then they battle but seeing the fierce houndours,Arbok and weezing themselves return then t.r run away.

Then,they force the Prof to open the ruins he tells them that he needed the keys they show him the keys and then enter to see engravings.Then they escape having found nothing.Then,Ash and May come up and see the Prof.They hear t.r hiding and talking among themselves and then,they find t.r having the keys.Then jesse send sArbok Pikachu defeats it and then the keys are out of their hands and Pikachu sends them flying.Then the Prof puts the keys in their places and then they see the sun rising.Then,suddenly the whole place lights up and then the ruins move up showing a stair and then they all enter it and then they see a freshwater lake and then suddenly they all see a huge fish swimming.Prof. tells them that its a Relicanth.Then May takes her torchic back and then the prof tells them that he found out many things from the ruins and then,tells them that it was certainly the bridge between the past and the present then,they leave and then Ash is off for the Petalburg Gym to win his first hoenn League badge.

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