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This episode begins with a girl going along on her bike.Then a voice comes out telling."Hi i'm May and i'm ten years old.Im on my way to visit my dads old friend Prof.Birch to get my first pokemon start my journey as a Pokemon trainer".Then she sees a scary gliding pokemon and gets scared and starts pedalling faster.Then crashes into a tree and says"i could do with a helmet."Then she continues cycling and adds that she doesnt like Pokemon.And then comes up near the tip and sees the river where a ferry is going on its way to the Hoenn region and tells that she loves travelling.Then in the ferry we have Ash carrying Pikachu who is sending sparks now and then.Ash tells pikachu that he'll take it to the nearest pokemon center after the ferry docks.Meanwhile t.r are also on the ferry (the ferry's going to Littleroottown).Jesse happens to have been to the town earlier.As soon as Ash comes out of the ship he asks a person for the location of the nearest Pokemon Center.The person tells him that the town doesnt have any.Ash is worried and gets an idea and then calls Prof.Birch's lab.Another person however takes the phone and tells Ash that Prof.Birch had gone out and was conducting some of his experiments.He tells Ash that he'll contacct Birch and tells Ash to stay put.Then afterwards,Ash hears a sound of a jeep.Then a man(Birch) comes out and asks Ash if he's Ash Ketchum.Ash nods then they hurry in the jeep to the proffesor's lab.Then on the way he tells Ash that Pikachu isnt able to send current regularly and thats why it sends sparks regularly.Then,Pikachu gives a huge spark and starts to to blindly escape from the blanket in which Ash has placed it in.Birch tells him that the temperature was confusing Pikachu and asks Ash if Pikachu was near any magnets.Ash tells Pikachu was stuck to a magnet.Then,after another spark.Birch takes the jeep to the lab through the forest(not the road).Then at the lab,Ash places pikachu and then,the person who took the phone when ash called places a machine around Pikachu's pouches.Then Ash asks birch what it is.Birch tells him that the machine will take all the excess electricity of Pikahu.Then the whole machine is ful of electricity in a short while and then explodes and pikachu runs away.Ash goes after Pikachu.Birch asks Ash if he has any other pokemon stronger against Pikachu.But ash replies he doesnt have any.Then,Prof Birch takes three pokeball and then goes after Ash.The assistant tells him that the Pokeballs were meant for May.Birch tells him that he should make May stay at the lab till he arrives.Then he tells Ash that they should seperate and search Ash agrees he tells Ash that if anything happens to pikachu it will explode.Then t.r see all this.Then Ash searches but doesnt find anything.Then May arrvies.She the assistant tells that Birch had an emergancy and had gone and tells her to wait at the lab.She tells him that she'll find Prof. herself.Meanwhile Prof.Birch is searching Pikachu and slips and falls down on Poochyena or whatever.He apologizes it.Then hears it howl and many arrive they growl and then he wonders what emotion was there in their voie and realizes that it wasnt happy nor sad but angry.Then the Poochyena chase him and he thinks he's brilliant for recognizing it.(if he saw their teeth it was more than enough.)Then he climbs on an tree and clings on branch.Then May arrives he tells her to send a pokemon from any of those pokeballs which are near her.Then she takes a pokeball and out of it comes Mudkip.Birch tells her to ask it to do an attack.She asks which attack.Prof tells her to tell Mudkip to use watergun.Then May tells Mudkip which looks at her to use Watergun.It uses water gun on her face :-D.Then,the branch on which the prof. is breaks and he falls down.Then,he the poochyena chase him.Then,he calls Mudkip while running and then,Mudkip goes to the Prof.he orders it t o use Water gun and the Poochyena go away.he calls it back and goes away.Then,Ash Pikachu is exhausted.It sees Ash's shadow coming near it it becomes very angry and explodes.May and Prof.see it he tells her that Pikachu exploded and he runs in that direction May follows in her bike.Then,ash has fallen after the explosion and gets up and sees Pikachu using sparks.Prof arrives and tells him to not go near Pikachu.Then,Pikachu again runs away and theres no land ahead and it falls ash also jumps down catches it in one hand and holds a branch in another hand.Then,Prof sends a rope and Ash does vertical climbing.Pikachu is trying to escape from Ash and uses sparks and even bites Ash then it realizes that its biting ash and becomes sad.On reaching the top,Pikachu then licks Ash's wound where it bit(Ughhh).Ash tells him that he's alright and that he knew that it didnt bite him on purpose.Then t.r arrive and then,they grab pikachu and suck up all its electricity.Then the whole machine too is full of electricity and explodes.Even Mays bike got barbecued as she says in Pikachu's shock.Then Pikachu collapses.Back at the lab prof tells that t.r sucked all of Pikachu's current and that its electricity levels had returned to normal.Then May peeps.She accidently makes a vase drop and catches it the others see her.She apologizes ash for not introducing her name and then tells him that she's may and Ash introduces himself.Then Prof Birch asks her to choose her first Pokemon (Ash is more excited than her).Then he sends out the first pokemon Treecko.May gets scared of its glare.Ash asks it whether its water typa Prof tells him its Grass type.Then the next pokemon is Mudkip.May says she wont choose it as it didnt obey her.Ash guesses correctly that its a Water type.Then the next pokemon happens to be a torchic it likes May and snuggles her.She decides to choose it.(she mutters that she'd do anything to trade and it for travelling) Then, he gives her the Pokedex and 6 pokeballs.then next morning gets angry at seeing her bike spoilt & decides to have a talk with Ash.Then she sees Ash besides Pikachu's bed.Ash mutters Pikachu,Pikachu in his sleep and then and pikachu wakes up and goes near Ash ash wakes up and is very happy.may closes the door goes out and sends out her Torchic and greets it.Then Ash comes out and then Pikachu makes friends with it.Birch tells them that they'll have to suscribe for the Hoenn League at the Pokemon Center and the nearest one was pretty far in Oldale town.May tells that she was nervous of travelling there alone without her bike and then gets an idea and tells Ash that she'll accomany him.Ash agrees and then they go.

its just like the first episode Pikachu thunderbolting and May's bike getting destroyed and all that stuff.may's lucky her Torchic will evolve into a Blaziken one day.


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