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After the Silver Conference,our heroes make a short visit to a nearby town(Viridian City)before leaving for Pallet Town.Then brock tells them all that they all should visit the Pokemon Center as he wanted to see Nurse Joy.Then they all visit the Pokemon Center there and Ash gives her his Pokemon.Then Ash asks her whether she knew.But the Joy replies that she was a new Nurse Joy but told him that she had heard about him and Misty.Brock goes mad on her but Nurse Joy puts him down.Then Nurse Joy tells Misty that her sisters wanted to to talk to her urgently.When Misty phones her sisters through the video phone, all her sisters seem to be packing.They tell her that they got tickets to go around the world and knew that Misty wouldn't want to accompany them so they decided that she'd rather return to the Cerulean Gym and take care of it till they retuen.Then,before Misty could reply her sisters already pak their things and end the call.Then Ash tells that Misty should hurry and tells her that her sisters were lucky.

Then Nurse Joy arrives with a broken bike and gives it to Misty telling her that the previous Nurse Joy was able to fix it.Misty realizes that it was that particular bike that made her meet Ash.Ash is also surprised that the battered bike is alright now.Then tells Misty that she must take the bike with her so that she could reach Cerulean City faster.Then,Misty goes all grouchy and runs away from the Center Ash is surprised and Brock tells him that perhaps Misty wanted to continue travelling with them.Then,Misty is sad and is crying and speaking to herself aloud that Ash was talking to her as if she was nothing to him.

Then,three people come and declare themselves to be Viridian city's greatest Pokemon trainers and call themselves the Invincibile brothers.Misty hears it as Invisible Brothers and asks them to dissappear.They tell her that they are Invincible not Invisible.Then Misty tells them that she'll battle the first one.Misty sends Politoed.The other person sends out Hitmonchan.Politoed uses Watergun which hits Hitmonchan's face.Misty tells himto change his name.Then the other brothers too send thier pokemon.(Hitmonlee and Hitmontop.)Misty tells that its cheating but Ash appears and tells that he'll use Pikachu making it 2 on 3 and Brock tells that he'll make it 3 on 3 battle.Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt at Hitmontop and Brock sends Forretress to use rapi spin hurting Hitmonlee.

Then Misty is happy and tells them that it made her feel a lot better.Then she tells them that she could do well without their helpAsh and Brock tell her that as she was going home they were sharing the battle with her..Ash agrees and tells her that she's a really great water pokemon trainer and Politoed defeats Hitmonchan.Pikachu and Forretress finish Hitmontop and Hitmonlee.Ash tells Misty that she battled very well.Misty thanks him.Meanwhile t.r see the battle.Jesse tells that those brothers were nothing but losers.Then Wobbufet comes up and presses a remote twice and then.two nets appear one behind our heroes the other around the brothers.And closeup.Trapping them.the brothers tell t.r to free them and that they were on thier side but t.r refuse.So the brothers take a pair of Scissor and cut up the net and run at t.r our heroes too come out and Politoed uses watergun,Pikachu uses Thunderbolt and Forretress uses rapid spin sending them flying away.Then Ash tells her that he brought her,her bike.

Then they walk and Misty tells Ash to take a bath everyday and brush his teeth and tells brock not to be distracted by girls.Then she tells ash to do well and Ash wonders why and then she tells about how they met and all that and tells him that if she hadnt been then he would have had a lot of trouble and tells that it was because of the bike that she had met Ash which was a big coincidence.Then she tells that even meeting togepi was a coincidence.Ash tells her that their meeting wasnt a coincidence they had to meet and be friends.Brock tells them that after what they had gone through they had really become great friends.Misty asks if its true and Brock and Ash nod(Misty cries).Then Misty tells that she has to leave them. and take the other road.She thanks both Ash and Brock for being good friends so do Ash and BrockMisty asks ash whether they'll ever meet Ash tells her that they will..Then suddenly Brock sscreams out that he too had to go back as he had recieved a mail telling him to return home and take care of something.

Then,Ash and misty are shocked and ash asks him how he could forget something that important.Then,Misty asks him whether he didnt want to leave and and Brock replies probably and then misty tells him that she could understand and then they leave and go Ash is very sad and then tells aloud to himself that he couldn't have done anything without them and suddenly he hears Brock telling him to continue and then is horrified to see Brock and Misty in front of him.Ash tells them not to creep on him.then Brock apologises and gives ash a lunch box with Matching cutlery and Misty gives ties them in a napkin and gives it to As making it easier to carr.Ash is unableto hold his tears back and thanks them.Then Misty and Brock leave.Misty tells to herself("At last Ash Ketchum i know who i am really am to u")Brock carrying a sandwich in his hands thinks that it was the onion which was making him cry.Ash goes running away with Pikachu screaming out Misty Brock thank u"Then Ash is at his home having breakfast.

His mom tells him that Gary returned a couple of days earlier and that he was going to leave Ash leaves his breakfast and tells his mom that he'll return.Then,Ash goes to Prof.Oak's Lab to find out that Gary had left and was making a fresh start and taking only Blastoise(the first pokemon he got in the form of Squirtle)and Prof Oak tells him that Garynever told him where he was going too.Then Ash rushes out and then finds Gary and tells him that he wanted to give him something gives him the broken pokeball back and then,and gives it to gary.Gary promise that he'll take good care of it.Then afterwards Ash sits on a tree with Piakachu and tells that everyone were gone and he didnt like to stay alone.

Then Pikachu points at the skies and Ash sees something glittering it happened to be a Ho-Oh and tells Pikachu that it was going to the Hoenn region and realizes and tells Pikachu that he too was going to make a fresh start.and hurries and falls in a pit.T.R say their motto and james sends Weezing to use Smoke Screen then Ash tells pikachu that he wanted to think of something to get out of the pit.Then remembers the parting moments with his friends.And gets an idea and gives Pikachu the napkin that Misty gave him.and tells Pikachu that it would filter the smoke.Then he removed the cutlery which Brock gave and dug it into the rocks climbing up & telling to himself that his friends were with him and jumps up from the hole and screams my friends are with me and tells Pikachu to use thunderschock sending t.r flying.Then looks at the cutlery and the napkin and says thanks Misty and Brock.Then in the evening he tells Prof.Oak that he wanted to visit the Hoenn region alone with Pikachu.Then tells Oak that he wanted to visit Prof.Birch.

Ash's mother arrives and gives him new clothes and a backpack and a ticket for the ferry.Prof.Oak gives Ash a new Pokedex containing information on the Hoenn region pokemon.And tracey tells him to count on him to look after his Pokemon.
The End

A very sad episode. But just like the last one it had things happening all of a sudden (Gary changing his mind) here misty and Brock leave.It was very sad seeing Misty and Brock leave.

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