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Ash and Harrison are continuing their battle with each having only one Pokemon.Ash Charizard and Harrison Blaziken.In the beginning both keep dodging each others attacks and finally each injure each other when Charizard uses Seismic toss but before crashing down Blaziken uses Flamethrower(without Harrison telling it to)then they continue battling and then get exhausted finally after both the pokemon are completely exhausted and collapse.A time came when everyone thought that Blaziken was defeated but it stood. Finally in the end again the pokemon collapse and then Blaziken stands up so does Charizard but then Charizard is unable to use Flamethrower and collapses and then Harrison wins Ash is disappointed. Misty,Brock and Mrs.Ketchum are surprised.meanwhile t.r is facing many people who want to buy the badges but then they still havent got the order.Then a battle takes place between Harrison and Dickson.Harrison doesnt use his Blaziken as he wanted to rest it and instead uses Houndoom.

Then loses.Harrison and our heroes are disappointed. Then in the finals..In the afternoon, Off.Jenny takes Squirtle back to the squirtle squad Ash thanks it.Then Mrs.Ketchum asks Ash how Charizard is Ash tells his mom and Prof Oak that its alright and that he promised he'd return it to Lisa the next day.then Ash's mom and Prof.Oak decide to leave Ash tells his Mom that he'll be back at Pallad town as soon as the competitin is over Dickson wins the tournament and is given the cup by Mr.Goodshow..Late at night our heroes see Harrison at the lake Ash asks him hows Blaziken Harrison tells him that its alright.Then he asks Ash whether he has visited Hoenn region Ash tells him he hasnt.Then Harrison tells him that he should and that he could catch Pokemon like Blaziken there.Ash tells him that he will.

Then Harrison tells about Prof.Birch of the Hoenn region and tells our heroes that he had heard a lot about Prof.oak through him.Then they hear a scream and check out from where then noise comes out.They see two girls and they tell our heroes and Harrison that there are ghosts and point at a building where white things are moving about.Harrison tells Ash to use his Noctowl.Ash then sends Noctowl which uses some attack making the the spooky things visible they happen to be a group of Misdreavus.then gary comes up and asks what happened and Ash tells him that it was only a group of Misdreavus.Then they see the Misdreavus moving about.Gary tells them that they are searching for something and our heroes,Gary and harrison follow the Misdreavus.Then they see a Misdreavus trapped under a tree and try to free it.Then the Misdreavus gets free.

Then Gary checks and tells them that it'll do fine.Then ash tells him that he knows lot about Pokemon.Gary tells him that he has seen many pokemon and is amazed by evolution and tells them all that he'll become a Pokemon researcher and tells Ash to do well and and win all his battles and become a pokemon master.he also adds that the Silver Conference was the last competition he had taken part in and leaves.Our heroes are surprised and so is Harrison.Then the next day T.R try to sell the badges but no one seems to be coming as the conference is over.Then they see many people comin and are happy but they happen to be bill collectors.Then they enter the building and start using a feature that jesse added it (the building can be driven).Meanwhile our heroes Gary and Harrison decide to leave.

Gary tells them that he's circling Mt.Silver and and returning to pallad town and start researching Harrison tells them that he's going to the Indigo Plateau and Ash tells them that he's making a stop and at a nearby city and nearing to Pallad town and when they are about to leave T.R come on their building vehicle they are delighted on seeing the twerps and tell thier motto. Then they throw a rocket at Ash separating him and Pikachu.they are about to throw the net at him but Gary sends Blastoise to use Hydropump which breaks the net and Harrison sends out Blaziken to use Flamethrower burning t.r then Pikachu use thundershock and sends them flying off.Then surprisingly its only Misty and Brock who thank harrison. harrison is amused after that. Then they leave and Misty and Brock tell gary to do well in the research and so does Ash. Gary wishes Ash luck to become a Pokemon Master.Harrison tells them no whatever they do they'll still remain enemies and they reply at the same time "yes".then Harrison goes along with Gary in one direction and our heroes in the opposite.

(A lot happened in the episode Ash, Harrison losing, the winner being announced Squirtle leaving and gary changing his mind, sudden appearance of t.r i thouht they were never going to irritate again.)

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