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playing with fire - Episode 271

Ash is battling with Keckleon and it becomes invisible and starts running around.Then Pikachu starts to locate it with its ears.Then Keckleon uses a beam.Then uses its toungue and then dazes Pikachu when it tries to use the beam againn,pikachu hides behind the grass.Then,Keckleon puts its tongue and cuts the grass.Then suddenly it gets immobilized as its tongue is caught somewhere.It happens that Pikachu has caught its tongue.Then pikachu uses Thundershock and Keckleon is defeated.Then,Harrison sends Sneasel.It dodges all Pikachu's Thundershock and uses metal paw defeating Pikachu.

Then Ash sends out Totodile.Sneasel uses Metal paw attack but Totodile puts its paw in its mouth abnd does its dance making Sneasel thrash around defeating Sneasel.Then Harrison sends out hypno whoo uses Hypnosis putting Totodile in a daze and uses Psychic Attack to defeat it.Then Ash sends out Snorlax.It happens to be sleeping.Ash is happy because Hypnosis but hypno uses dream eater attack and becomes stronger then Snorlax becomes angry wakes up and uses Hyperbeam defeating Hypno.Then Ash gets a few minutes break.Meanwhile t.r are making their own building.Then after the break,Harrison sends Steelix and ash sends Noctowl.Noctowl gets defeated.Ash sends Snorlax.

Steelix uses wrap attack and Ash tells Snorlax to use Ice Punch everyone are surprised.Then Steelix gets the Punch and loosens it Wrao and Snorlax uses Hyperbeam defeating it.Harrison uses Houndour and when Snor. uses Hyperbeam and then,Houndour uses Counter and Snor. Hyperbeam returns at it defeating it.Then Ash sends Bayleef and after a fierce battle Bayleef uses Body Slam defeating Houndour.Then Harrison sends Blaziken and it defeats Bayleef Ash sends Charizard.
The End.


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