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TIE ONE ON - Episode 268

Ash has already won a battle against one of his other colleague in the H group and totally has 3 points now.Meanwhile MAsey is battling with the other person in group H Jackson.Both have 2 Pokemon left.Masey has Quilava and Jackson has Poliwhirl.Jackson shows off a bit too much with a cape and all that stuff.When MAsey tells Quilava to use Flamethrower,Jackson is about to tell his Poliwhirl to do something and pushes his cape back and trips and falls down.Poliwhrl gets a blast of the Flamethrower and is unable to battle.MAsey has now three points the same as Ash.Then Ash's next battle is against Jackson.

Our heroes go out and Ash sends Bulbasaur and Squirtle to play and decides to enter the Pokemon Center.They walk by and they hear Prof.Elm talking and see Jackson talking to him.Ash tells him that he to is a friend of Prof.Elm Prof.elm tells him that Larvitar and its mother are doing perfectly fine and that Jackson had told that his Chikorita evelved into a Meganium.Ash asks Jackson why he didn't use it he tells Ash he wanted to use it in the final round.Meanwhile,Squirtle sees a n apple and asks Bulbasaur to pluck it.Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip at the apple suddenly another Vinewhips on the apple and it happens to be a Meganium and then both try snatch the apple and the apple breaks into a half.

Bulbasaur hands over the half and gives to Squirtle and Meganium gives a half to Azumarrill.Squirtle is about to eat when Azumaril takes its half apple and throws at Squirtle this angers Squirtle Bulbasaur tries to calm them.Then Meganium hits Bulbasaur with Vine whip.Both Squirtle and Bulbasaur decide to go away and then Meganium trips Bulbasaur(Meganium's a bully).This angers Bulbasaur and Squirtle.Meganium battles with Bulbasaur and Squirtle with Azumarrill.then,back at the Center while Jackson and Ash are chatting they hear someone telling that a Meganium,a bulbasaur,a Squirtle and a Azumarril are fighting.They rush out and tell their pokemon to stop fighting but of no avail.Then Harrison tells Miltank to use some Healing attack and the fighhting pokemon suddenly become happy.Off.Jenny arrives and tells that the fighting Pokemon thing will not be tolerated and that trainers will even be disqualified.

Gary comes up and tells that it was just a warm up battle.Then jenny goes away and Ash thanks Gary.Gary tells he was just helping an amateur.This angers Ash Misty tells him not to lose his temper Harrison and Jackson are surprised.Then Ash chooses his pokemon at night.He decides to use Pikachu,Cyndaquil the third is not told but is chosen.Next day t.r are selling badges again.In battle computer chooses Jackson from Newbarktown to choose the Pokemon first.Jackson sends Azumarrill Ash sends Pikachu.None of Pikachu's attack work.Azumarrill uses Iron tail,Pikachu grabs its tail uses thunder defeats Azumarril.Jackson chooses Magneton then Magneton uses double team to confuse Pikachu and uses thunder wave paralyising Pikachu and uses Tri attack defeating Pikachu.Ash sends Cyndaquil but it gets defeated just like Pikachu.

Then ash sends Bulbasaur Bulbasaur uses some seed which falls on magneton and wraps it absorbing its energy and Bulbasaur sends it spinning thus defeating.Then jackson sends out Meganium.Both are using same attacks but Bulbasaur is getting injured .But bulbasaur manages to even injure Meganium.Both are exhausted but are not giving up.Then both collapse making the match a tie.Then Ash gets into the next round with a total of 4 points.MAsey congratulates him from the crowd and tells him he'll win.Ash thanks her.THen Jackson congratulates him and Bulbasaur and Meganium become friends too.Then our heroes check out who Ash will be facing next.They find Harrison too has been selected.Ash finds himself paired with Gary and is horrified.Gary comes up and tells him that he'll defeat him and Ash is even more determined to defeat him.(Anyway its going to be ash who'll triumph because he's the hero of the story dont know about future rounds )

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