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Ash and are heroes are checking out on the board.Along with whom Ash is teamed.Ash finds himself with a girl and a boy in Group H.Ash's first battle is against the girl.Ash finds the girl and she happens to be Masey.She tells Ash that she'll defeat him.Ash challenges her to battle and she sends her Vulpix,Ash tells Pikachu to battle.Then t.r put capture Pikachu and Vulpix in nets and go on a cycle down the valley.Ash jumps down the valley and Masey follows.But she tumbles.Ash catches her and they roll down.And finally by the time Ash gets crashes into a tree and stops rolling and gets up Masey's on his lap.Ash tells her to wait and he jumps down and all that and lands in front of t.r.Masey goes all mad and falls in love with Ash.Then Ash sends Bayleef and saves Pikachu and Vulpix and sends t.r flying.Then he returns Vulpix to Masey.Then she tells Ash that she loves him and that if he wins he'll have to take her on a date.Misty tells her Ash is supposed to battling with her and all that.She calls Masey pigtails(Masey's hair).Masey asks who she is and Misty tells her name and that she's a Water Pokemon Trainer.Masey tells her that Fire Pokemon are better.Masey asks whether she's Ash's girlfriend.Misty tells she's Ash's coach(hmm. interesting).Masey tells that as she isn't her girlfriend she shouldn't interfere.By then Ash runs off with Bayleef and Pikachu telling that he had to do some training.Then Ash speaks to Prof.Oak who tells Ash that he has sent Ash all his pokemon.

Ash tells Nurse Joy to look after his pokemon.(brock goes mad at Nurse Joy).Ash chooses all the Pokemon he has (Kingler,Totodile and the third not yet known)Then Ash brings out Kingler who trie to group 3 Voltorb and gets shocked.Nurse Joy tells him Kingler shouldn't battle for the day.Off.Jenny arrives with Squirtle and Ash decides to use it.(Brock goes mad at even Off.Jenny).In the battle,the computer desides that Masey should send out her Pokemon first.Masey sends Slugma and Ash Totodile Masey returns Slugma and uses Electabuzz.Ash returns Totodile and uses Phanpy.None of Electabuzz's attacks work on it.Then,Masey returns Elctabuzz and sends Slugma.With a few earthquakes and a takedown.Phanpy defeats Slugma.

Then MAsey sends Quilava(brock and misty think the battle will be a piece of cake for Ash).When Phanpy uses take down Quilava uses Flamewheel defeating Phanpy.Then Ash sends totodile.MAsey sends Electabuzz.When Ash's Totodile tries to hit Electabuzz,Electabuzz uses Dynamic Punch defeating totodile.Meanwhile t.r are painting bottle caps which james has collected and are painting them as Silver conference limited Edition badges.Then Ash sends Squitle.Squirtle is near defeat but after dodging a Thunderbolt and using Skullbash it wins.Masey sends Quilava and when Quilava uses Swift attack,Squirtle uses bubble attack causing and explosion Squirtle uses watergun and it hits Quil. through the smoke Ash tells her that fighting the flames Squirtle can see through smoke.

THen finally squirtle falls on it shell and is unable to get up.and Quilava comes to knock it off.Ash tells Squirtle to use Hydrpump and then Quilava is defeated.Ash tells Squirtle its the best.Then after sometime as our heroes are going Masey brings out her Macargo (evolved from Slugma).and tells him its the reminder of the battle she had with Ash and tells him he has to postpone their date as she's going to beat him.Ash tells her he'll defeat her.Brock and Misty wonder whats wrong with masey(Brock is worse).


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