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Our heroes have returned Larvitar to its birthplace and our are nearing Silver town where the Silver conference takes place.They see a crowd gathered nearby a Shrine(Ho-Oh's Shrine).The people tell them that the Ho-Oh's flame will be carried by the runners to inagurate the Conference.Then the people tell our heroes of a legend in which the people fought and then many pokemon suffered then ho-oh burned all the weapons and the left over flame was kept which was used to inagurate the Conference.Then after a long time a person comes out from the shrine and Togepi enters the Shrine,pikachu follows it our heroes run after it.Then the person tells them not to enter the shrine like that and our heroes apologise.(T.R decide to capture the flame and use it for getting ransom but sneasel sends them blasting off).Then two trainers take their pokemon and go away to their pokemon and dash to the pokemon center.

The person tells them that the shrine has the flames within it and a Sneasel along with a Machop and Machoke are not allowing them to take the flames and that several people are injured after facing them and asks our heroes for help then a guy named Harrison appears he has along with him houndour and he tells the man he'll help him so do our heroes and will capture Sneasel(Jesse and james and meowth are deciding on how to capture Sneasel when Jesse and james have a little chat Jesse tells Jame sthat they shd remove Meowth and instead have Sneasel James says meowth is good but jesse forces him to agree with and in the end James agrees Meowth hears it pretends to act as though he hasn't heard the conversation).They first face Machop and Machoke Misty uses Corsola and Harrison uses Houndour to battle them Ash runs to the shrine and meets Sneasel Ash uses Totodile but it is of no use.Ash and totodile get injured.

They climb up to the shrine again then Ash uses Phanpy and Harrison uses Houndour to defeat Machop and Macoke.T.R appear and make Meowth dress as Sneasel meowth carries a box which has something which erupts into smoke so that T.R can capture Sneasel.Sneasel sends Meowth flying the parcel opens and smoke appears then j&J take away Meowth(thinking its sneasel).Then they when they show off Sneasel instead Meowth appears and scrathes Jesse and James,Jesse gets angry and throws him out then meowth clings on the balloon with his claws & as ususal the balloon explodes and T.R go flying off.Then harrison sends Blaziken(fire-type)to battle Sneasel and wins and captures Sneasel then captures it.Then the torch is lighted.Harrison tells our heroes hes participating in the Conference too and Ash is determined to defeat him.

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