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Cartoon Review

Pokemon Episode Number 19

ash and co. find a seaside cliff along their journey and their are many 
butterfree. brock tells them that the butterfree are finding mates and 
buterfree have to cross the sea to have babies. ash and his friends rent a 
balloon and ash lets butterfree try to find a mate.
butterfree looks and looks until he sees a pink butterfree that he is 
attracted to. he does a courtship dance, but the pink butterfree seems to 
ignore him. butterfree begins to cry. ash and misty encourage him to show 
off a little bit. brock ties a ribbon around butterfrees
neck and butterfree tries again. the pink butterfree still isn't interested.
suddenly, team rocket comes in with a helicopter and drops down a pole. 
at the end of thepole, there is a giant ball. the ball suddenly explodes and 
when the smoke clears, a net is in its place. team rocket catches all the 
butterfree and flies off to there hide out. ash's butterfree is the only one 
that hasn't been captured and it follows team rocket to the secret place 
when butterfree returns, it gets ash and friends to follow it. ash and co. 
bust into the hide out mock team rocket with their new motto:
prepare for trouble!
make that triple!
to protect the word from devastation!
to unite all peoples within our nation!

suddenly a fight breaks out and starmie whoops up on team rocket while 
butterfree frees all of the pokemon. team rocket jumps into their helicopter 
and try to steal the pokemon again. ash and his friends jump into the hot 
air balloon and are on the chase. pikachu signals butterfree down. "what are 
you doin' pikachu?" says ash. but pikachu ignores him and jumps onto 
butterfree. they fly away and pikachu jumps onto team rockets helicopter. 
"pika-chu" he says in greetings, then he powerfully shocked them.
the story ends dramatically. butterfly says his last good-byes. he is 
leaving with his new mate, the pink butterfree. ash and pikachu begin to cry 
and ash remembers everything that he had done with butterfree had done 
this was a very dramatic episode. It is one of my favorites.

-Harry Mateo (Blastoise_88@hotmail.com)

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