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Cartoon Review

Pokemon Episode Number 15


It's start's off with our heroes (Ash, Misty, Brock, and Pikachu) coming to the great S.S. Anne, a huge cruise boat that comes only once a year and holds great pokémon parties. Ash and company gawk at it, wanting to go, when all of a sudden, two girls with major tans and in Hawaiin Skirts come up to them and say junk that they are winners and get free tickets to the S.S. Anne! Odd, the two girls look quite familiar. And that Meowth that hangs around with them. Nah. We're going to the S.S. Anne! Inside the lavish S.S. Anne, pokémon trainers of all sorts talk, eat, even battle, and brag. Here is where James buys a Magikarp. He has no idea it's so weak! Jessie and Meowth totally beat the crud out of James for the expensive- but stupid move. Ash and company meet two people battling, a spirited old man and a trainer about the same age as Ash. The elderly man wins, then Ash challenges the man. The old guy sends out Raticate, and Ash sends out Butterfree. After a short while, the old man calls it a "draw" 'cause Butterfree was wailing on Raticate. The old man wishes to trade Raticate for Butterfree, and after some convincing, Ash trades Butterfree for Raticate. Unknown to the guests, all the staff members are actually Team Rocket members, and this trip is all one big heist! The Rockets reveal themselves, completely over whelming the guests. The Rockets have huge vacumns on their backs, sucking in the pokéballs from the trainers. Ash, unallowing this, emerges from the crowd and throws out his pokémon to battle the Rocket members. Everyone else catches on, and teamwork plus cooperation makes this the BIG S.S. ANNE BATTLE! This is one of my favorite scenes, where ALL- yes, you heard me, ALL the trainers go completely head on against the Rocket members! The Rockets just totally get pummeled, and evacuates. Because of the fight, the ship starts to sink and the passangers need to evacuate. Ash, realizes that trading his Butterfree for the Raticate was a mistake, asks the man for his Butterfree back and the elder will get his Raticate. Because of the rocking of the ship, Ash loses the pokéball that Butterfree's in (after trading back), and goes further into the ship, with Brock, Misty, and Pikachu behind. Jessie and James also gets stuck, and the violent tormenting of the ship causes Ash and company plus Jessie and James to fall unconscious, while the ship slowly to the bottom of the sea! The S.S. Anne saga continues for another two episodes. This saga is DEFINETELY worth seeing! 

-Rex Lee

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