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Top o the World Player Profile

NAME: Andrew Parsons
RANKING: #90 (as of 12/09/1999)
AGE: 15 
LOCATION: Game Closet 
Lake Air Mall

[POJO] What do you like best about the PokeMon TCG?
[AP] It is very fun to play. But my favorite thing about the game has to be the cool pictures and the fun winning and playing.

[POJO] What do you dislike about the PokeMon TCG?
[AP] no answer

[POJO] Do you find casual play or organized competition to be more fun? Why?
[AP] Organized play, because I find it more competitive and fun. When you win you get prize and even if you lose you still had fun.

[POJO] Where do you usually play?
[AP] Game Closet, Waco TX

[POJO] How often do you participate in organized tournaments?
[AP] Every weekend

[POJO] What was you most thrilling victory?
[AP] I have to say my most thrilling victory was when I had 1 card left in my deck. I had a Scyther vs a Bulbasaur (I know its not tough). I draw this turn and I already used 3 of my PlusPowers so it was either the last card in the deck or my last prize. I drew and was lucky that it was a PlusPower. That was most thrilling for me because it was my FIRST DCI sanctioned win.

[POJO] What was your most crushing defeat?
[AP] My most crushing defeat would have to be when Scott Gerhardt (#5) was in town and I had just started playing Pokemon 3 weeks prior to this tournament. I was paired first round against Ryan Harvey (#26) and then I was paired second round against Scott. To me it wasn't fair but I did anyway. I had an Eevee and he had a Ponyta. I play a Double Colorless on Eevee and I Quick Attack for 30 HP - leaving only 10 HP on Ponyta. He playsg no basic and plays Energy Removal on my DCE. I play an energy and Tail Wag. He then plays Energy on Ponyta and Super Energy removes my guy. I play energy and say go. He plays Electabuzz and a Lightning Energy. I play energy and Quick Attack to KO Ponyta. But from there I draw no basics and a Thunderpunch with a PlusPower was all he needed to win. It was so crushing because I thought I could knockout the Ponyta before he drew another basic.
[POJO] Who is your toughest competition? Why?
[AP] I havn't had any problems yet. But I suspect if I have to choose it would be Ryan Harvey, because one day we both played the same deck (Stall) and I just drew 1 more card then he did which killed me in the end.

[POJO] What is your favorite card? Why?
[AP] The Pokemon Movie Mewtwo Promo, because I quit Pokemon about 3 months ago - but when I went to see the movie with my neice I picked up 2 of the movie promos. One week later I had made a new deck and was back into Pokemon. The deck is still undefeated.

[POJO] What kind of deck to you dread having to play against?

[AP] I dont dread any decks right now. But since I quit I now only have one deck since I haven't had time to rebuild the others. But my one deck gets killed by Mr. Mime decks.

[POJO] What does it mean to you to be ranked as one of the best Pokemon TCG players in the world? 
[AP] It feels pretty good. I have only been playing for a while but I like to brag about it to little kids. I mean for me I don't get many rewards in life and being one of the people at the top feels good.

[POJO] Do you play the Pokemon video game?
[AP] I have played it on the computer but I don't like it alot. But I do recommend it for people.

[POJO] Do you watch the Pokemon Animated Series? 
[AP] I used to be since I quit I lost track of what time they come on. But I'm sure I will start watching again when I get my collection up and running again.

[POJO] Do you have a collection of Pokemon toys?
[AP] I did have about 10 pokemon toys that I had won in Pokemon tournaments prior to my quiting. But i sold them all. And I expect to get a few more such as Mewtwo (my favorite) since I started to play again.

[POJO] Do you have a favorite card? Favorite video game character? Favorite animated series character?
[AP] Mewtwo - Butterfree - Psyduck

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