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Top of the World

Top o the World Player Profile

Top o' the World Player Profile

NAME: Geoffrey Hom
RANKING: #74 (as of 10/29/1999)
CITY / STATE: Pasadena, CA
AGE: 22
LOCATION: Thunder & Lightning

[POJO] What do you like best about the PokeMon TCG?
[GH] It's fun, and none of the cards are banned or out-of-print, yet.

[POJO] What do you dislike about the PokeMon TCG?
[GH] It depends a bit too much on luck, and it seems like you *almost* always have to play a Haymaker to win.

[POJO] Do you find casual play or organized competition to be more fun? Why?
[GH] Casual play is great for trying new, fun decks. But since I only play once every two weeks in tourneys, I get psyched up for those.

[POJO] Where do you usually play?
[GH] I usually play with a friend from school. I just got him into Pokemon, but he's caught on really quickly.

[POJO] How often do you participate in organized tournaments?
[GH] I'd like to participate more often, but I only play every other week since there's only one store in the immediate area that lets kids over 16 play. I think almost all the older players in the area go there.

[POJO] What was you most thrilling victory?
[GH] I was in Minnesota this summer, and I found this one card shop that had Pokemon tournaments. So there I was, a stranger amongst the crowd, and for my first match I was playing against this one guy who apparently always won first or second. He was playing a stall deck with only like six energy (for super potions). I was playing a Mr. Mime / Damage Swap deck. Throughout the whole game I was only able to take one prize, by using my Chansey to double-edge; he still had all of his prizes. Time had been called, but the judge let us keep going because I only had two cards in my deck and everyone thought I was going to deck myself. I pulled my last card in my deck, paused for a bit as I looked through my hand, and then played my LASS! He throws down the ten or so trainers he had in his hand, and I just keep pulling trainers (like 20) out of my hand! (I knew to save my trainers since I had Lass, but he didn't.) In the end I would have beat him on prizes and I would have decked his stall deck!

[POJO] What was your most crushing defeat?
[GH] I was playing a fun game against a young kid (who was very good). I was playing my then-favorite deck, Triangle. He won the toss, and we flipped our cards over. I started with an Electabuzz; he had a Hitmonchan (of course). He puts down an energy, a Pluspower, and then Oaks / Comp Searches for another two PlusPowers. Wham! I didn't even get to draw a card....

[POJO] Who is your toughest competition? Why?
[GH] I guess my friend Rob is my toughest competition, but then again I don't really play anyone else very much. He's still never been in a (Pokemon) tournament, but if he ever starts playing seriously I'm surehis DCI rating will just go up and up.

[POJO] What is your favorite card? Why?
[GH] Lass! It's a great card that most people don't play, and I realized how cool it could be on my own. It's rare but most people are happy to trade it away, and some stores sell it cheap (saw it for $1 once). I
once won an entire tournament (at Wizards in Seattle) *solely* on Lass.

[POJO] What kind of deck to you dread having to play against?
[GH] Haymaker. It's a very powerful deck, but it's also very easy to use. So even in the hands of an inexperienced player, you've gotta watch out for a Haymaker. That's also why I don't like Haymaker-it shouldn't be that good for something that (relatively) easy to play, because then everyone plays it and people avoid more novel decks.

[POJO] What does it mean to you to be ranked as one of the best Pokemon TCG players in the world?
[GH] It's a nice ego trip, but realistically I don't think anyone should give it much weight. Two tournaments ago I was like #300 in the world, and I haven't gotten that much better since then. There are plenty of
people, both underrated and unrated, who could probably beat 1/5 of the top 100. The level of play isn't the same across the country-I've read deck reports in which the winning deck had 8 Energy Searches! That's not even legal! I guess if they ever start running Pro Tours (like in Magic) then we'll start to see who's really a good pokemon trainer.

[POJO] Do you play the Pokemon video game?
[GH] No, but I definitely plan on getting a GameBoy Color (and Pokemon Yellow!) sometime this year.

[POJO] Do you watch the Pokemon Animated Series?
[GH] Yes

[POJO] Do you have a collection of Pokemon toys?
[GH] Not yet.

[POJO] Do you have a favorite card? Favorite video game character? Favorite animated series character?
[GH] Favorite character card: Omanyte, because Clairvoyance is just too cool. Favorite video game character: none. Favorite TV show character: Psyduck!

[POJO] Anything else you would like to add to this interview?
[GH] I'm hoping that Fossil brought out the necessary cards to make a deck that consistently can beat a Haymaker. (I've got at least four ideas on paper; although two are slight Haymaker variants.) At least that way Pokemon would return to a "rock-paper-scissors" level instead of the "rock-paper-scissors-Haymaker Juggernaut" level it's close to being.

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