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Top o the World Player Profile

NAME: Mike Demaio
RANKING: #42 (as of 10/29/1999)
AGE: 12
LOCATION: Altered States
689 N Clinton St
Syracuse, NY
(315) 472-4263

[POJO] What do you like best about the PokeMon TCG?
[MD] I like the fact that there are less rules than in magic and it is easy to play

[POJO] What do you dislike about the PokeMon TCG?
[MD] The players who are all talk, people who cheat. The lack of a big card pool.

[POJO] Do you find casual play or organized competition to be more fun? Why?
[MD] I find organized more fun due to the tougher competition.

[POJO] Where do you usually play?
[MD] I play at Altered States in Syracuse, NY

[POJO] How often do you participate in organized tournaments?
[MD] I play in 1every week.

[POJO] What was you most thrilling victory?
[MD] My most thrilling victory was my win in the finals against Tim Casion (#43). He was ranked 16th at the time but somehow he dropped. I beat him 3 times that day.

[POJO] What was your most crushing defeat?
[MD] My most crushing defeat was when I lost to Patrick Waineright in top 16 when I got energy screwed.

[POJO] Who is your toughest competition? Why?
[MD] My toughest competition is Pete Zalizniak (#41). He usually gets me overhyper and beats me by decking me. He's very good though.

[POJO] What is your favorite card? Why?
[MD] My favorite card is Scyther due to his versatility and that he can do 60 in 2 rounds

[POJO] What kind of deck to you dread having to play against?
[MD] I dread playing against RainDance because I usually lose to it. I can never kill Squirtles fast enough, but sometimes I can.

[POJO] What does it mean to you to be ranked as one of the best Pokemon TCG players in the world?
[MD] It means a lot to me. I feel like playing every week has finally payed off.

[POJO] Do you play the Pokemon video game?
[MD] I have. After I beat it a few times I stopped.

[POJO] Do you watch the Pokemon Animated Series?
[MD] I watch it sometimes to see how good Ash does. I know he will win, but the show is fun to watch.

[POJO] Do you have a collection of Pokemon toys?
[MD] No

[POJO] Do you have a favorite card? Favorite video game character? Favorite animated series character?
[MD] My favorite card is Scyther. My favorite video game character is Venusaur. My favorite animated series character is Pikachu!

[POJO] Anything else you would like to add to this interview?
[MD] I would just like to add that all those people who think they are so good really aren't. I am talking about people who can't make their own decks. People who play Haymaker or Raindance or Stall. They think they are godly, but they aren't. I play a deck with Dittos, Scythers and Magmars. Good luck to everyone!

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