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Top oí the World Player Profile

Name:           Kane Keller
Ranking:        12
City/State:     Roscoe, Illinois
Age:            16

                Tomorrow Is Yesterday 
                Loves Park, Illinois

[POJO]  What do you like best about the PokeMon TCG?  
[KK]    I play mainly for the DCI, in effort to get my ranking and rating up, but I enjoy the game a lot too.

[POJO]  What do you dislike about the PokeMon TCG?  
[KK]    I donít like how people do not take PokeMon too seriously, and think that it is only for kids.  PokeMon requires strategy and thinking.  I also do not like that there is not a Professional Tour like there is for Magic for the top players to participate in.

[POJO]  Do you find casual play or organized competition to be  more fun?  Why?  
[KK]    I find competition to be more fun, because I try hard to get to be as high as my  ranking is.  I am hoping to reach the top 10 in the World!

[POJO]  Where do you usually play?  
[KK]    I usually play at Tomorrow is Yesterday in Loves Park, Illinois.  I also play at The Menagerie, in Cherry Valley, Illinois.

[POJO]  How often do you participate in organized tournaments?
[KK]    I usually play one or two tournaments a week depending on my free time (not working).

[POJO]  What was you most thrilling victory?  
[KK]    My most thrilling victory? Wow, that is really hard to say. I would have to say playing Anthony Colletti, #4 in Illinois.  It was the final round, each of us had no loses to that point, and I have no idea what happened from there.  But it was cool.

[POJO]  What was your most crushing defeat?  
[KK]    I honestly can not recall a crushing defeat.  If I lose, it is always a good match, and I respect my opponent for defeating me.

[POJO]  Who is your toughest competition?  Why?  
[KK]    My toughest competition is both Travis Keller (my brother) who always get second in the tournament, either losing to me or Anthony Colletti.  And also, Anthony Colletti, who always puts up a good fight and sometimes comes through with a victory.

[POJO]  What is your favorite card?  Why?  [KK]    I do not have a favorite card, all the cards that I use compliment one each other nicely and that is why I have put together a good deck and seems to work for me.

[POJO]  What kind of deck to you dread having to play against?

[KK]    I donít mind playing any decks, its fun to play different ones, and if the deck beats me. Kudos to my opponent.

[POJO]  What does it mean to you to be ranked as one of the best PokeMon TCG players in the world?  
[KK]    It really is cool, I enjoy having the opportunity to be so high ranked, I just know that it canít last as long as Iíd hope it would.

[POJO]  Do you play the PokeMon video game?
[KK]    Nope

[POJO]  Do you watch the PokeMon Animated Series?
[KK]    Nope

[POJO]  Do you have a collection of PokeMon toys?
[KK]    Nope

[POJO]  Do you have a favorite character card?  Favorite video game character?  Favorite animated series character?
[KK]    My favorite PokeMon card and character is probably the new Dark evolution of Eevee that came out in the Neo 2 set.  I donít know why, it just intrigues me.

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