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Top o the World Player Profile

Name: Vashal Phaloo
Ranking: #82 (as of 08/09/2000)
City/State: Mastic, New York
Age: 13
Golden Memories
Mastic NY

[POJO] What do you like best about the PokeMon TCG?
[VP] It's easy to teach people but hard to be good

[POJO] What do you dislike about the PokeMon TCG?
[VP] Too much coin flipping and the fact that people take the game too seriously.

[POJO] Do you find casual play or organized competition to be more fun? Why?
[VP] Organized play because I'm a competitive person.

[POJO] Where do you usually play?
[VP] Golden Memories

[POJO] How often do you participate in organized tournaments?
[VP] Usually once a week.

[POJO] What was you most thrilling victory?
[VP] I have two most thrilling victories. 

1. I was playing a Hitmonchan / Mewtwo / Gastly deck and my oppenent Jason Imperiale was playing a Wigglytuff / Mewtwo deck. My Gastly had 10 damage left and his Mewtwo had 30 damage left. We each had 1 prize left. It was my turn and the Lick came down to a coinflip. I got heads and won the game to eventually win the tournament. 

2. I was playing a Hitmonchan / Scyther / Ditto deck and my oppenent Jason Imperiale (again) was playing a Electabuzz / Scyther / Ditto deck. I had 1 card left in my deck. We each had a prize left. My Scyther had 50 damage left and his Electabuzz had 40 damage left.  He looked through my discard pile and saw I was out of Pluspowers and ItemFinders. But just in case he flipped tails for Thunderpunch he decided to Thundershock. It was tails. My last card is a Hitmonchan. I play him down, attach a fighting energy, retreat, and Jab to win the game.  I ended up making it to the finals only to lose to Jason.

[POJO] What was your most crushing defeat? 
[VP] My most crushing defeat is when I was playing Mewtwo / Electabuzz / Scyther and my oppenent Tom Dilena was playing Wigglytuff / Electabuzz. I was undefeated and it was the finals. When our game started all I had were Mewtwo's. He just wrecked me throughout the game. I think I drew 1 Scyther and 1 Electabuzz throughout the whole game. He ended up winning to win
the tournament.

[POJO] Who is your toughest competition? Why? 
[VP] My toughest competition is probably Jason Imperiale because I play him every week and we always play the same decks. We have had about like 25 matches and he has probably won 15 and I won probably 10. 

[POJO] What is your favorite card? Why? 
[VP] My favorite card has to be Professor Oak. He gives you a whole new opportunity to win the game. If you're about to lose and you draw an Oak, you're back in the game.

[POJO] What kind of deck to you dread having to play
[VP] I usually dread having to play the good old sponge. One of the only decks that can beat it is Wigglytuff but when I play Wigglytuff a Hitmonchan deck will kill me. 

[POJO] What does it mean to you to be ranked as one of the best PokeMon TCG players in the world? 
[VP] It feels good but I wish you actually get something for being ranked high.

[POJO] Do you play the PokeMon video game?
[VP] Nope

[POJO] Do you watch the PokeMon Animated Series?
[VP] Nope

[POJO] Do you have a collection of PokeMon toys?
[VP] Nope

[POJO] Do you have a favorite character card? Favorite video game character? Favorite animated series character?
[VP] My favorite character card is Electabuzz. I don't have a favorite of the others.

[POJO] Anything else you would like to add to this interview?
[VP] I think Team Rocket's Trap is too powerful and my deck could beat any deck now with a lucky coin flip.  If you start the game and someone uses 2 traps and gets 2 lucky heads you're gone.

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