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Top o the World Player Profile

Name Bill Marra 
Ranking #9 (as of 07/25/2000)
City/State Utica, Michigan
Age 28

DBC Cards
Utica, MI

[POJO] What do you like best about the PokeMon TCG?
[BM] I like teaching kids how to play and I personally
liked the cartoon first so getting into the game was
easy for me

[POJO] What do you dislike about the PokeMon TCG?
[BM] I don't like all of the kids and adults who take
themselves and the game WAY too seriously. Nothing is
sadder than catching a 45 year old man cheating.

[POJO] Do you find casual play or organized
competition to be more fun? Why?
[BM] I enjoy casual play more because you can get away
with playing a Weedle, Magikarp, Voltorb deck and not
be too concerned about losing.

[POJO] Where do you usually play?
[BM] I play at (Insert Plug Here) ...DBC cards in
Utica Michigan...Thanks again Jim

[POJO] How often do you participate in organized
[BM] Usually once a week I play a sanctioned event

[POJO] What was you most thrilling victory?
[BM] My most thrilling victories are always from my
arch nemesis and future wife Jamie. She could easily
be ranked higher than me but she hates tournaments.

[POJO] What was your most crushing defeat?
[BM] Again.....I hate losing to her because she is the
barometer to which I judge my level of gameplay

[POJO] Who is your toughest competition? Why?
[BM] I have never lost in a sanctioned tournament and
yet again my fiancee is just a methodical and ruthless
Pokemon player. She is by far my toughest

[POJO] What is your favorite card? Why?
[BM] My favorite card is good ol' Professor
Oak....easily the most broken card in the history of

[POJO] What kind of deck to you dread having to play
[BM] I dont mind playing any deck type out there. As
a matter of fact my Bad Weed Deck was built to take on
ANY archetype, so come one,come all...

[POJO] What does it mean to you to be ranked as one of
the best PokeMon TCG players in the world?
[BM] Its nice to be ranked but it wont mean too much
until some kind of Pro tour or ORGANIZED...World
Championship is held....then we will find out who the
best players are.

[POJO] Do you play the PokeMon video game?
[BM] I dont play the Gameboy game but I'm pretty good
at the N64 Stadium game

[POJO] Do you watch the PokeMon Animated Series?
[BM] I watch the cartoon a lot. That Brock cracks me sucks that they replaced him with that putz

[POJO] Do you have a collection of PokeMon toys?
[BM] Me and my girlfriend collect all the toys and
doodads with any pokemon on them. I still need One of
the 3 Pikachus to complete the Burger King toy set...

[POJO] Do you have a favorite character card? 
Favorite video game character? Favorite animated
series character?
[BM] My favorite character is definitely Chansey...
How can anyone not like the Big Pink Puffer?? I like
Snorlax and Koffing also.

[POJO] Anything else you would like to add to this
[BM] I would like to add....Keep playing the game to
all you players out there and maybe one day we could
all get paid for something we enjoy doing anyways!
That and an "I love you and thanks for putting up with
me" to Jamie...

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