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Top oí the World Player Profile

Name               Alex Brosseau
Ranking            #67 (as of 06/26/2000)
City/State        New Lenox IL
Age               13

                   Brain Snacks Book Store

[POJO]    What do you like best about the PokeMon TCG?  [AB]      Probably the fact that itís a very fun and easy game to play.
[POJO]    What do you dislike about the PokeMon TCG? 

[AB]      The fact that a lot of matches are decided on coin flips and the fact that there is    no pro tour or any thing like that.

[POJO]    Do you find casual play or organized competition to be  more fun?  Why? 
[AB]      Definitly organized play because you get to play for somthing and the fact that I play a lot better under pressure.

[POJO]    Where do you usually play? 
[AB]      Brain Snacks, a local book shop.

[POJO]    How often do you participate in organized tournaments? 
[AB]      Every other week even though I really wish it was more often.

[POJO]    What was you most thrilling victory?  
[AB]      Probably vs Dave Bianke (#9 in IL) we both had 1 prize left.  He had an active Magmar with 30 damage and I had an Electabuzz with 60.  I Thunderpunched getting heads to win the game and tourney.

[POJO]    What was your most crushing defeat? 
[AB]      Probably vs my friend Jason.  We were tied in prizes with 5 seconds left. Immediatly he gusted out my weak Scyther and Punched.  It was a cheap win but I    would have done the same thing - haha.

[POJO]    Who is your toughest competition?  Why?  
[AB]      Defineatly Jason (curently 2nd in Illinois).  We are probably the best people in Illinois.  We both are pretty much equally matched.  It usually comes down to who gets the Oak first. Even though we are very competitive we are very good friends.

[POJO]    What is your favorite card?  Why?  
[AB]      Probably Oak because in my opinion it would take way too long to win without this card.

 [POJO]    What kind of deck to you dread having to play against?  [AB]      Haymaker.  It gets so lucky.

[POJO]    What does it mean to you to be ranked as one of the  best PokeMon TCG players in the world?  
[AB]      Its really cool.  Iíve been playing a long time and I really want to be #1 in the world.

[POJO]    Do you play the PokeMon video game?  
[AB]      Not anymore, now Iím only focused on the TCG.

[POJO]    Do you watch the PokeMon Animated Series?  
[AB]      No

[POJO]    Do you have a collection of PokeMon toys? 
[AB]      No

[POJO]    Do you have a favorite character card?  Favorite video game character?  Favorite animated series character?  
[AB]      Card-Oak  Game-Mewtwo  cartoon-psyduck

[POJO]    Anything else you would like to add to this interview? 
[AB]      I just want to say that the Pokemon TCG is really great.  I really hope that Wizards of the Coast does a pro tour and has some major events in Chicago.  Remember itís just a game.  Have fun and try hard.  Go POKEMON!!!!

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