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Pojo's Top 10 Anime

First of all people who think pokemon or digimon or even dragon ball GT are the greatest animes ever have no taste and obviously havent seen real animes which actually have a storyline.

10# Dragon ball Z

The first anime I ever saw and I remember fighting with my sister over the tv just to watch dbz. Back in the days dbz had it all the fight scenes were splendid and the animation too. But when I look back on dbz the fight scenes had no technique to it at all. The storyline was pretty basic: goku fights strong opponent goku does kamehameha, goku dies. Krillin and the gang find the dragonballs and resurrect goku and thats pretty much it. The characters have no depth to them all they want to do is fight guys with big swords and become stronger cause splitting a mountain in half with your finger isnt good enough.This was great when I was 8 and dumb and couldnt see through the simpleness of the show. I decided to put it in my top 10 because I had such a great time watching it when I was young.

9# Tenjou tenge

The main character Nagi and his friend who looks like hes 27 go to different highschools and just beat up people for no reason at all just because they can. Find a highschool where they can't dominate the students and where theyre pretty much the weakest. The show has way too many flashbacks whichreally ruins the show. The best part was the mystery of shin who is a screwed up psycho with a serious sister complex. The show has its moments especially the last few episodes where the story really begins but then the show ends abruptly after mizuka challenged nagi to a final battle.

8# Golden boy

A little unsuited for yougsters but undoubtley one of the funniest animes ever. If you manage to hold a straight face throughout the 6 whole episodes you aren't human. This anime gives a new meaning to the word funny it brings humor to a new level. How can you not like the heartwarming adventures of golden boy and his pink bike. Though the show can easily be mistaken for hentai if you look through the nipples and many breasts this is one heck of a laugh.

7# Akira

This anime was a revolution for anime when it was released and the first anime in many things. The story is incredible complex and you actually have to concentrate to understand it... I know concentrating isnt my favourite after school activity either but it is one hell of a ride where the best is saved for last.

6# Naruto

A bit kiddish where the main character is a 'perfect' human being that cant do anything wrong and always chooses the right thing and wears an orange jumpsuit when hes on a stealth mission. The show is kinda mocking real ninjas and how they lived arent ninjas supposed to be stealthy assasins? Then why does everybody know their names. If you can look past all the
thousands of mistakes the makers made youve got yourself a great anime but that rule counts for every anime. The show is kinda addictive but the fillers ruin the show completely and so does sakura. Sakura is by far the most annoying character ever in anime history. She doesnt fight cause she gets to scared and lets naruto and sasuke save her all the time. She ditched
her best friend because she likes a guy that shes never even talked to for longer than 2 minutes. The show takes one episode to introduce someone and they have enough material to use as flashbacks fr atleast 3 episodes. They talk way too much during the fights and are reluctant to kill which would get a real ninja killed in a fight. The show has great songs and a nice storyline with some nice monolugues though they repeat them way too much. And I reapeat the songs in naruto are by far the best j-pop has to offer. The music alone is enough to get it in the top 10.

5# Shaman king
The show has a nice childish ring to it with a very laid back character that just wants to sleep all day long. The humor is great and so are the main characters you just cant dislike. The ending is a sad but still not sad enough to cry over. Cause nothing is sad enough to cry over unless angelina jolie starts to strip right infront of you or when your entire family gets ripped apart then but only then is it okay for a man to cry so anime doesnt count. If you do get centimeter over anime you should feel very ashamed!!!

4# Samurai champloo

One of the animes where they show blood and sex but they dont overdo it or completely avoid it. The main characters arent trying to be anything other than what they really are. Fuu isnt trying to be strong like sakura cause she isnt shes strong in an emotional which you cant say about sakura who cries in every 10 episodes for no reason at all. The fighting scenes are very well thought through and so are the conversations that are very philosophical and deep. The show has it all romance, humor and ofcourse the necesarry amount of action.

3# Trigun

Trigun appears a simple western adventure anime but that all changes after the 12th episode where the story gets a plot and shows the other side of vash and the impossible dillema he must live with. Will you kill the spider to save the butterfly? What I like about trigun is that the first part of the show is mostly humor and the last is thrilling compelling gripping action that will blow your mind. Trigun probably has the most memorable quotes in anime. Where vash finds a solution where he can defeat his opponent without killing him/her. SPOILER ALERT!!!
There are some stupid parts like (highlight to see spoiler) when legato made vash kill him...

2# Great teacher onizuka
The story of a teacher that tries to change the hearts and minds of his students. What I really like about gto is the way you can change ANYONE into a nice and caring person by just overwhelming them with kindness or earning their respect or just torturing them till they love you... Onizuka is a great main character thats horny, funny, wise and stupid all at once. You never know whats going on in that eggheaded mind of his. The show combines love humor and drama perfectly together with some great theme songs.

1# Hajime no ippo
Definetely one of the greatest animes ever this show makes you feel the hopes and dreams of the characters and their desire. The humor is top-notch and the facial expressions exceed that of great teacher onizuka. Im not gonna tell you you havent lived if you havent seen this but honestly this show might sound stupid because its about boxing but I guarantee you watching ippo trying and working so hard for a match will motivate you to work harder for school and it will change the way you think about life. The show doesnt draw a line between right or wrong you might actually be cheering for ippos opponent cause the characters are so well thought out.


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