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Pojo's Top 10 Anime

10. Marmalade Boy - This is such a cute series. It's so romantic and funny. It also has great characters and voice actors. If your into the romantic kind of anime I suggest you watch this one. It will make you cry and laugh.

9. Love Hina - This has to be the most funniest and weirdest anime I have ever seen (not counting FLCL) The characters are fantastic and so is the animation. It's random and there is even a flying turtle (who doesn't love flying turtles hehe) It's a great anime to watch if you like romantic/comedy types.

8. Full Metal Alchemist - First I would love to say GREAT INTRO TO THE ANIME (the first couple of episodes). It wasn't boring and it kind of left you thinking. Also once again great animation. The characters are well thought out and they each have their own important role in the anime. It's a tear-jerker but yet it makes you laugh. Also it's very educational (if you wanna learn about the science.. I guess) And well the one thing I loved about this anime is Roy.. (had to say it)

7. Kare Kano - So adorable. It's funny and it's cute. The main characters are great together and once all the other characters start to come in it becomes and funny yet interesting anime. It made me think about my love life. Over all I give it a thumbs up. Also the dog is cute looking hehe.

6. Kino's Journey - Not much to say, it's a pretty good anime it's weird though in it's own little way.

5. One Piece - Even though I find the characters voice's annoying in both English and Japanese it's a pretty funny anime. It also has a great story line and it's fun to follow. It never gets boring but yet the characters voices still makes me put it at 5.

4. Final Fantasy 7 - (the anime intro to the movie)- I don't know if everybody has saw it, it's not really with the movie. But oh my god! It's FANTASTIC! I wish final fantasy 7 was a anime like that. It was so great! The fighting was awesome, all the characters looked great! The voices to the characters rocked! If you haven't seen it just watch it before you see final fantasy advent children.

3. Fruits Basket - The creator to this series has to have a great imagination. It's adorable and it's funny. It's also sad because of the characters' pasts. The animation is once again great. It has a pretty good story line. Well..Number 4 is the best. Who doesn't love Kagura?..Not counting Kyou haha.

2. Bleach - Okay well this is the first anime that I saw that doesn't have sucktastic fillers. They are funny and well they go very well with the anime. The characters are great. What am I saying? THIS ANIME IS GREAT! *cough* um..yah..

1. Naruto - Even though the fillers suck. I love this anime so much. I love the characters, the voice actors, the fighting, the animation, the past to every character. It has everything I love in a anime. Also the manga is awesome! If you are watching it in English though you're missing a lot. It sucks a lot...and well watch in Japanese trust me it's much better!

Skye Constantini

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