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Pojo's Top 10 Anime

10. Dragon Ball Sagas - Ah.... Who doesn't like Dragonball? This is the anime that started it all for me. Although a very good anime in it's prime, it just can't keep up with the new guys that just keep rolling in. The only reason its at #10 is because I thought it deserved honorable mention. (Sorry Dragon Ball Saga Lovers)

9. Ah! My Goddess - A college kid gets one wish from a hot goddess. Thinking its a joke, the freaking guy wishes the the goddess will be his girlfriend for all of eternity. O.K. ... but where does it go from there...

8. YuYu Hakusho - A very good anime, but if you miss one episode, you become the most lost person in the world. Yu Yu has a lot of action and drama, but I only recommend it if you are able to see EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! (Kinda similar to Dragon Ball in some ways.)

7. Fumoffu - Sgt. Sagara Sousuke has finally left the battlefield and enrolled as a full time student at Chidori's school. But can he adjust to normal highschool life? It actually one of those hilarious anime's rather than an action one. It's only 17 episodes so it doesn't really lamen up.

6. Magical Do Re Me - (Gotta Have Something for the Chicks)

5. PaRappa The Rapper - I know, I know.... why PaRappa? I always thought PaRappa was the most unique anime out there. Think about it. A rapping, Japanese, 1-Dimensional dog with a beanie hat with a frog on it. His friends are a teddy bear, 2 cats, a Jamacian frog, a Kung-Fu onion, and he has a crush on a freaking sunflower... Have you ever thought of something like that? If you did, then you would have a lot of cash for creating one of the BEST selling Playstation 1 games ever! (Yes! PaRappa was an anime before a game!)

4. Naruto - A hard hitting, surprise around every corner anime. I really believe this is a good anime, but the reason I put it at #4 is because after the episode when Naruto battles Sasuke, it doesn't get any better. Maybe if the put that episode a little closer to the end, it would be #1!

3. DNAngel - A great mix of good vs. evil, but you'll actually root for the bad guy. Who's not in favor of people stealing and a 17 to 18 year old man that kisses 13 to 14 year old girls? Not in to that? How about a dark soul switching bodies with a teenager? See for yourself.

2. S-Cry-Ed - "Wanna reckless fire?"... I know that quote I said was pretty lame but the anime itself is not! Hard hitting action, an excellent storyline, and great characters. I usually judge a good anime by looking at the first three episodes, and only after I saw the first one, I had to see more. S-Cry-Ed is sitting pretty at #2 for now...

1. Full Metal Alchemist - A perfect mix of action, adventure, passion, love, and comedy. What more could you ask for. This anime actually has a great story line that you can actually follow. It also has the perfect music for each scene in the story, not to mention the best theme music (Ready Steady Go! ,Rewrite) and ending music (I Will, Motherland). Also the movie (Conquer of Shambala) is great! That's why I rated it #1.


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