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Pojo's Top 10 Anime

3. Ah! My Goddess - Not the OVAs, but the full blown TV series of this manga is AWESOME! Season 2 is just began to air in Japan a week ago, so hopefully I won't have to wait more than a year or so to see what comes next for Keichii and Belldandy. This anime is definetely more sitcomish than several other anime series on other people's top 10s, but there is its own fair share of action. Great character development and unforgetable storylines and plotlines. This anime will have you laughing, will have you scrambling for a kleenex, and will also have you gawking in awe at the action scenes. PLEASE do youself a favor and DON'T watch this English dubbed! Get the Japanese version with the English subtitles!

2. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - OMFG AWESOME! This CG/anime is everything that The Spirits Within wasn't. If you are sceptacle on Advent Children because Spirits Within sucked, don't be, completely different group of people were in charge of this project. This movie takes place 2 years after the FFVII game ends (well, technically 498 years before FFVII took place, if you count the VERY end of the game). The fighting scenes in this are absolutely spectacular, but that's not all that's spectacular; the storyline is also top notch. I won't provide any spoilers for those of you who haven't seen it, but I will say that EVERY playable in FFVII makes an appearance... EVERY one (props to those of you who know what I'm talking about). Also, I highly recommend the Japanese version with English Subs (I haven't seen the Eng Dubbed version yet, but the blatant fact is, is that American voice acting sucks (except for Princess Mononoke, that is the only exception to the "American voice acting sucks" stereotype)).

1. Akira - This movie was ground-breaking when it was released in the 80s, especially in America. Never before had American's been exposed to "R-rated" anime before, and the impact this movie had on my generation of anime-lovers was everything. Without this movie, anime may not be what it is today. With that said, this is a very cool, very odd anime (equally odd manga, from what I've heard). The ending will piss you off the first few times you watch this, but keep at it, it all comes together after a couple views. BUY THIS MOVIE!


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